The ultimate Turbo challenge:

48w ago

Since 1975, the turbocharger has been blasting our 911 into the supercar stratosphere, and the tech has improved through every iteration to date. Can you match the turbocharger to the corresponding 911? Really? Are you that much of a Porsche nerd? (We love you if you are.)

A single unit making 320 hp from 0.8 bar of boost, it started life with 3.3-litres to displace, but where?

Twin turbos of different sizes, electronic boost control and unprecedented power. But where did these ideas find a home?

Variable turbine geometry, parallel twin turbos, 1.4 bar for 800 Nm of torque. Have you been paying attention lately?

The first series outing for twin-turbocharging, this parallel system also produced the lowest emission vehicle on sale.

Another twin-charge set-up, but this time with the petrol debut for variable turbine technology to dial out turbo lag.

Borrowing technology from the 911 GT1 Le Mans winner, this twin-turbo configuration ushered in a new era for Porsche.

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