The ultra-cool Playset means you can teach your kids to be mechanics

1y ago


The eternal struggle of what life skills to teach your children is one the biggest challenges faced by parents. Lets be real, you could teach them good housekeeping, which they will then ignore until the end of time by living in squalor.

Instead, why not teach them important car repair and maintenance skills which could save them thousands in Gucci-wearing mechanic fees. This ‘Bosch’ service car set is powered by eight AAA batteries, and it won’t allow your offspring to leave any oil or mess all over your once pristine house (read as pristine before you had kids).

They can pretend to change the oil, air filter and even remove the spark plugs before making sure that this non-running motor is tuned to perfection.

Let’s be real; you’d rather have your kids playing with this than offering to ‘help’ you with your real car which will end in a tantrum from one of you at the very least.

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Comments (4)
  • I m obsessed with cars and an auto electrician don't get into the motor trade its shit .

    1 year ago
  • Get a real spare engine for less lol

    1 year ago


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