The Undefined Path

For many auto enthusiasts, a builds path varies. Some start with coil overs and fender rolling for supreme fitment while others upgrade brakes tires and bushings for maximum grip and control at the track. While some chassis’ offer great support for either direction, there are others that don’t receive the research and development if deemed unworthy. For the owner that was the case.

One late midnight I went to the car wash and stumbled across a slammed Nissan Altima. Being in a 240sx naturally I had to ask “Why build this when you could have that?” the reply was simply “because it was all I had”

The car originally started as a commuter naturally. As miles accumulated the engine had seen its last day and the car sat for years.

Now coming from a Z32 the owner has seen his fair share of wrenching (dealing with the replacement of three engines and two transmissions one learns ways to cut the cost of labor). So swapping a new heart into the Altima chassis would be a small task.

Soon after getting the car back on the road, the itch began. Little aftermarket support for the family sedan left jetsin a little clueless as to a path to take.

But not much longer after the car was revived, it was dropped on coil overs that were from another wreck Altima and wheels came from an SC300 that collected dust but they fit the stance of the car very well. Youll find n aftermarket hub and steering wheel at the drivers center. And if you look close enough at the trunk spoiler you’ll see it actually from a Toyota.

Put all these things together and you get a unique look that’s all it’s own.
No matter what you canvas you decide to build on, your vision can come to life just as long as you keep your resolve.

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