The Undercut: The world wakes up to Lewis Hamilton

It was a strange way to win a title, but Stevenage's most famous son is now a four-time champ

3y ago

It’s that time of year when Formula 1 actually gets a decent bit of airtime in the general news, yes: Lewis Hamilton has won another world title.

As I sit here bleary eyed, they’ve mentioned it three times on BBC Breakfast already, although a missing Lynx in Wales is getting a bit more airtime, which is fair enough, especially if you happen to live in Wales.

The Beeb though have only got enough money to cover ping-pong, so instead of showing any actual race coverage, they’ve resorted to still pictures and a film clip of Lewis on Blue Peter as a ten year old. They did though send a reporter to Mercedes’ Brackley HQ (to interview Billy Monger for some reason), so the effort is appreciated.

Talking of missing links (see what I did there?), you really have to wonder what Ferrari need to do to win a championship. They have a huge budget, they allegedly spend more on pasta than Sauber do on racing, one of the best drivers on the grid, a subservient number two and yet they still fail. Again.

It was apt that ‘Day of the Dead’ celebrations dominated the Mexican Grand Prix weekend as the race showed very little sign of life after the initial excitement at the start.

No, that is not Bernie Ecclestone with a sombrero on (Pic: Sutton)

No, that is not Bernie Ecclestone with a sombrero on (Pic: Sutton)

Sebastian Vettel, with mathematically very little chance of taking the title anyway, saw his chances disappear amongst flying bits of his front wing after he and Hamilton tangled at turn one. Lewis got on the radio to ask his team if Vettel hit him on purpose, despite the fact that this would clearly be the last thing he needed to do.

As predicted in last week's ‘Undercut’, (and everywhere else to be honest) Red Bull, with not a lot to worry about compared to Mercedes and Ferrari, grabbed their opportunity and off down the road scampered Max Verstappen, having a good laugh over the radio as he passed the two title contenders.

Christian Horner though must have been doing that really annoying foot jiggling thing even more intensely than ever, as Renault powered cars soon decided they’d like some of this Day of the Dead stuff and started to drop like flies.

In succession, we lost Daniel Ricciardo, Brendon Hartley, Carlos Sainz and Nico Hulkenberg.

To be fair to him, Renault boss Cyril Abiteboul said last week that this would be a tough race for them. He also said it would likely be a boring race too. He knows his onions does this one.

Meanwhile, Vettel did all he could to get back up the order following his stop for a new nose but when told near the end of the race that he was still 23 seconds behind third placed Kimi Raikkonen, he exclaimed “Mama mia! That is a bit too much” while in all reality, it all became a bit too much after his and Ferrari’s surrender of the title in the Far East.

Max and Kimi do their best to look thrilled for Lewis (Pic: Sutton)

Max and Kimi do their best to look thrilled for Lewis (Pic: Sutton)

All Lewis had to do was tool around at the back, knowing that the title was well and truly in the Louis Vuitton bag.

Verstappen, despite the pleas from his team to take it easy, kept punching in the laps to take a very easy third win ahead of Valtteri Bottas and Raikkonen, who could not contain his excitement at getting his 90th podium.

So, the first time Lewis has been lapped since the 2013 Spanish Grand Prix and only the second time in two years that the podium didn’t have him or Sebastian on it but none of that mattered, title number four goes to the most famous man from Stevenage.

Roll on 2018!


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