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The 1975 AMC Pacer was the world's first wide-body small car. It was an innovative car that was designed around GM's upcoming Wankel engine. When GM stopped development of the Wankel engine, AMC was left in a lurch, forced to redesign the Pacer to accommodate its own existing straight-six engine, an engineering compromise on multiple levels.

This 24-minute documentary by Joe Ligo is a look at what was right with the design of the 1975-1980 AMC Pacer and more importantly, what went wrong. It was what was wrong that ultimately doomed the Pacer. It was launched with great fanfare and success in 1975, selling 117,244 units in 1976, its first full year in the marketplace. But in 1980, its last year in production AMC moved just 1,746 units, discontinuing the Pacer to make room on the production line in Kenosha, Wisconsin, for the hot-selling four-wheel-drive Eagle.

To see what went right and wrong with the Pacer, watch this video.

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This lovingly produced film by Joe Ligo on the much maligned AMC Pacer will leave you laughing... and sometimes crying

Producer Joe Ligo is working on a project that dove tails perfectly with the subject of this tribe and my recently launched Legendary American Motors Magazine , he's working to produce a film on the history of American Motors. Check out Joe Ligo's American Motors Movie Facebook page at for more information, updates and to support this worthy project.