The unheard story of Jeremy Clarkson and the Porsche 928

It's a really heart-touching story

15w ago

Back when the Grand Tour trio used to host Top Gear, they decided to go to Argentina with three V8 cars because of the talk at the time that the V8 could go extinct amid environmental concerns.

Jeremy turned up with a Porsche 928, Richard arrived with a Mustang and James brought a Lotus Espirit. Clarkson loved the 928 a lot but it was not just the engine or the styling of the Porsche that he liked. There is a story associated with the 928 and Jeremy's dad.

Jeremy said that the 928 will be the best of the three cars for him because without it, he wouldn't have been able to say goodbye to his dad.

In 1994 when Jeremy was in London, his mother gave him a call that his father was unwell. Jeremy had cooked a chicken at that time and had just taken it out from the oven. He had a Porsche 928 on test with him that day. He took the hot chicken with him to his parent's place in Sheffield as he knew that his mother wouldn't have eaten anything.

When he reached, his dad was alive and the chicken was still warm. Half an hour later, Jeremy's dad died. Clarkson said, "If I hadn't been driving a car that could hit 170mph happily, I wouldn't have had the opportunity to say goodbye to my dad."

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Comments (6)

  • It is very untold, goven that literally millions of people watched it

      3 months ago
  • It seriously is one emotional story by Jezza

      3 months ago
  • A truly emotional story by Jeremy. @tribe

      3 months ago
  • As I have seen that episode 10 times before I know the story, but it is still very touching to me

      3 months ago
  • As an avid fan I had heard this story before but it still tugs at my heart strings every time I hear it.

      3 months ago