The Unique 600HP Opel Vectra 4X4 Rallycross Monster

When the "One Off" Opel Vectra RX of Steinar Joranli tried Hillclimb Racing

Steinar Joranli, norwegian Rallycross/Hillclimb expert, created during the 90´s one of the few Racing versions of the Opel Vectra Mk1 , converting it into a European Rallycross Car. Using a Turbocharged C20XEengine capable of around 600Hp of power and all wheel drive thanks to Xtrac transmission components, this machine was used on 1998 in a very special Hillclimb Racing contest between Norwegian and Swedish drivers. Among its competitors were some legends of the Rallycross World like Kenneth Hansen or Mr. Rallycross himself, Martin Schanche.

Taking place in Lillehammer, this contest was aired by local TV channel NKR and the footage was made available thanks to the contribution of Kenneth Hansebraten.

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