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In the recent years, while all the other companies have grown and adjusted themselves of the present market, the Fiat-Chrysler Group has stuck to their older strategies and thus, haven’t seen many additions in the EV market.

However, recently the group announced their future roaster and you can get a detailed information about it by reading this post FCA’s Plans for Electrification of their Fleet. Even in this detailed look at their future cars that I did, I didn’t write about any new Chrysler models, simply because there were none.

Present Chrysler Lineup:

As of now, Chrysler has only three vehicles in its line-up, and those are:

- Chrysler 300 [$28,995-$40,995]

- Chrysler Pacifica [$26,995-$44,095]

- Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid [$39,995-$45,395]

So about this line-up, 300 is the iconic offering but admittedly somewhat outdated compared to the competition. The Pacifica/Pacifica Hybrid are also quite good but honestly, they aren’t in the best market for a roaster such small. In simple words, minivans don’t sell as much and hybrids sell even less so there’s a complete lack of a car for the popular markets such as an SUV or Crossover. As for the current sales, 300 sold 43,110 units and Pacifica/Pacifica Hybrid sold 1,09,336 units. The reports are from January 2018 to November 2018.

Latest News and Rumors:

Chrysler has got some surprises for us. First of all, as everyone is doing so, Chrysler jumping into the bandwagon and initiating a crossover isn’t a surprise. However, as the rumor has it, this new crossover is going to be based on the Dodge Charger’s platform. This is somewhat of a different move as sedan sales have been dropping lately but we’ll let this one slide and jump to the next point. In case you didn’t know, Dodge Charger is based-off the LX platform which in itself will be a whopping 13 year old in 2019, having launched way back in 2006 with the renewal of the Charger nameplate. As a matter of fact, this LX platform is the one off which 300 is loosely based. If all of this wasn’t enough to surprise you, the LX platform borrows quite a lot components from ‘90s Mercedes-Benz E-Class. Another somewhat surprising fact to be noted is that this LX platform is a RWD one, which as compared to the modern day standards of crossovers is highly unusual as most of them are mainly FWD and come with an AWD option. It’s pretty much sure even from a guess that this crossover will also have AWD as an option thanks to the present norm of the day.

As for the name, just plain old 300 can be a potential candidate thanks to the present sedan with the same name. Chrysler Town & Country may also be in their list thanks to the minivan produced from 1989-2016.

The expected launch year is 2021 as FCA would’ve showcased or even started producing some of their Maserati, Jeep and Alfa Romeo cars by then. 2021 would very surely be the launch year of the next-generation Dodge Charger and Challenger also as per my opinion and if that’s correct, we can expect this crossover then.

2015 Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat

2015 Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat

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