Apart from the Urus almost sounding like Uranus or urine it’s surprising that Lamborghini would venture into the SUV world. - With models such as the gallardo and the aventador and other great productions made by this supercar giant being so sporty will there new venture still live up to these standards?

The urus looks good, with Lamborghini still using there sharp, futuristic, fighter jet looking design this car has certainly made a mark on the SUV world.

with a price tag starting at £149,070 ($200,000).... Let’s all sell our houses now!!

The peformance of this beautiful machine very different indeed. With Lamborghini producing its first production turbo induction engine, There will be a twin turbo 4.0 litre V8 working effortlessly to produce 650 Horsepower To all it’s four wheels!! Thats 627 lB feet of torque to all its 4 wheels as well.

with a 0-60 at a mind whizzing 3.6 seconds and a top speed of a 186 MPH this is certainly a heads up to the SUV competitors.

it also has the best power to weight ratio in its class!

in the urus’s guts it also contains lamborghini’s first forced induction engine it will bring Lamborghini into the hybrid universe. Now the Lamborghini has entered this car with a plan! There plan is to offer a fast car with an enourmous Ammount of high class engineering that will bring a world class of both thrills and luxary to the table. it features 4 wheel Steering, adaptive air suspension and active roll suspension

with carbon ceramic brakes and torque controlled rear wheels with ability for the Lamborghini urus to shift it’s torque to the front for stability.

the inside boasts bang & olufsen sound systems and it’s supporting Apple CarPlay and Android auto!

Overall car really is pure class! But to get one you may have to wait as there rumoured to be sold already!

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