The Used Ferrari Market is Hot

Apparently something is happening to prices in the used Ferrari market, sending resale above original MSRP

5d ago

The 2019 Ferrari Portofinos had an original MSRP of $210,783 and a shipping charge of a whopping $3,750. That brings the total to $214,533 for a totally base option - of which there aren't a ton. The interesting thing is that these models are showing up on listing sites with a few thousand miles at significantly more than that.

Ferrari's can be a bit tough because some of the options are insanely expensive and can shoot the cost to over $300k pretty quickly. Either way, even many of the base models are priced quite high these days.

One doesn't normally expect to make money off a new Ferrari, however, in the current chip and production shortages hitting manufacturers everywhere, this may be a rare opportunity for current owners.

This used option with 1900 miles is going for $257,000. It's hard to tell the options on this one.

This 2019 Portofino has 3402 miles and over $30k in options and is priced around $250,000.

Here's another moderately more used option going for a cool $229,000 on Dupont. This vehicle likely had an MSRP of less than that even with the options!

Here's another one for $249,000 with 2040 miles and supposedly a base model as well.

It will definitely be interesting to see what happens across the used car market as things pick back up across the world and the chip manufacturers catch up with all the demand. It might just be a blip in the curve and we could see things going back to status quo late this year.

However, as someone who has worked directly with IC (chip) manufacturers building electronics, I know firsthand how long these delays can drag out. The entire industry was behind the gun even before the pandemic with regular parts like resistors and capacitors becoming hard to source. So, my guess is it might take longer than people might think.

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