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The Veiled Far East, Now Open To Glimpse

One of the largest automobile markets in the world can now be experienced here, with your man on the inside.

7w ago

We already know China, that unstoppable machinery of industry and development, has been taking the automotive industry by chunks and churning cars by the billions. What we don't often know are the Chinese cars and companies that have made the largest fleet of vehicles in the world.

Sometimes with hopes to carry the torch of a classic brand, as could be the case of the MG brand which is now carried SAIC, sometimes catching the world by surprise with mind-blowing electric supercar brands such as NIO, and sometimes caught in blatant copying of well known models of famous brands for their domestic market, the Chinese automotive sector isn't always open to the rest of the world. Until now.

Welcome to the place to see the good, bad and ugly of what China has to offer to it's people. Stick around The Dragon Den studio for updates, glimpses and reviews of the most recent vehicles in the Chinese market. Discover the Chinese domestic brands trying to catch a corner of the market with vehicles that sometimes ride waves of innovation, while often finding too much inspiration in industry giants.

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