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2020, it’s been an unusual year to say the least. It would be easy to put together an article, or maybe even a book, on all the negative things that have happened, but we’re going to focus on something more positive - the incredible amount of outstanding content that has been posted on DriveTribe over the past 12 months.

A lot of you will know that earlier this year, Kiran Ganesh, Natasha Cramer and I started doing a weekly roundup where we each choose our two favourite posts of the week, and at the end of every one of these roundups is a poll to allow the good people of DriveTribe to decide the best post published that week. So, as we’re now nearing the end of the year, we’ve taken the winning post from each week and gathered them all together in this one article.

Lets start with these five articles about some of the greatest cars ever made

The 5 greatest homologation cars ever made - as voted by you -- by AutoNews Australia

Marcus - This article proves that the people of DriveTribe know what they’re talking about, because when asked to name the greatest homologation cars ever made these are what they came up with. Brilliant idea and a well written article.

5 ultra-rare cars you've probably never laid your eyes on -- by Shafiq Abidin

Natasha - I really love how this article was written, and gotten down into a nice and very interesting piece to read. Can't wait to read more like this! Good job Shafiq!

The 5 most beautiful cars from Alfa Romeo -- by Ethan Mearns

Kiran - Ethan has really put together a tough list here, and credit to him for doing it so well. Who doesn't love Alfa Romeo?

'Wanna collab bro?' The 5 best joint ventures between manufactures -- by Sam Massey

Marcus - Sam has done an excellent job with this one, combining an interesting subject with great writing and a stand out headline. I highly recommend giving it a read if you haven't already.

What were the greatest JDM cars made during the 90s? -- by Shafiq Abidin

Marcus - I enjoyed reading this excellent JDM post by Shafiq, it’s really well written and definitely worth a few minutes of your time to read it.

Everyone loves a quiz, here's some of the best we've seen

The progressively harder logo quiz! -- by Andrew Hayes

Kiran - This was an obvious choice. Everybody loves a logo quiz and this is a great idea, well executed to make it progressively harder. It's still absolutely killing the homepage, with over 650 comments and increasing by the minute! Andrew is a star.

The 24 questions of Le Mans! -- by Derek Lynn

Kiran - Fantastic quiz idea, and lovely questions. Always love a good quiz everyday, especially ones that increase your knowledge. Good job Derek!

Which James May haircut are you? -- by Jesse Billington

Kiran - Godspeed Jesse! One of the most fun quizzes I've seen in a long time. Hilarious.

DriveTribe's longest quiz (101 questions) -- by Rahil Hashmi

Natasha - Rahil's quiz was extremely fun and mind-numbing, and no one can argue with that. Well done mate!

Is it possible for you to name all these extraordinarily exclusive supercars? -- by Zakk Grier

Natasha - Zakk's quizzes are often quite enjoyable and challenging to play, and this one is no different. Well done mate!

And now here's some big scale posts about small scale cars

Can a Hot Wheels car cost as much as a full size car? -- by Mason Bloom

Natasha - I always find that articles about small-sized cars to be a fun-sized read, and Mason's article is no different. Very amazing content and interesting work you did!

Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale: Artwork on the road -- by Enginerrrrrrrrr

Natasha - Even though Engine's articles does lack a little in words, it sure makes up for it with his stunning photography of such a beauty of a car!

Fastest on the Mulsanne -- by Enginerrrrrrrrr

Natasha - I think it's pretty clear that I often try to include articles with our favourite small-sized cars. And Engine's article is wonderful, with fantastic photography making it a true masterpiece.

Our next five articles include stories about some beautiful classics

Is the Lancia Delta HF Integrale Evo II the best hot hatch ever? -- by Jonathan Yarden

Natasha - The Lancia Delta HF Integrale Evo II is a true legend and the way Jonathan captures it in his writing is absolutely riveting. Keep up the great work!

Fairlady Z family meets the new Z Proto -- by Claire and Ayesh

Natasha - Claire and Ayesh have taken DriveTribe by storm these last few months with stunning photography and easy-flowing writing. This week is no different with their latest article! Well done guys!

Italian body, American heart -- by Alan Redzepovic

Kiran - Alen has made a great comeback to the site with another one of his classic articles telling a car story in full depth!

The story of the cursed Porsche 550 Spyder that killed James Dean -- by Ben Welham

Marcus - Ben is always putting out excellent content and this is a perfect example of why you should all be following him.

The cold war's smallest hero -- by Tony Corona

Kiran - Watch out for more history knowledge from Tony! Very very promising writer.

Here are 5 amazing articles that all have numbers in their headlines

11 car names people commonly misspell -- by Aaron Hussain

Kiran - I love this idea. Aaron has educated a lot of people with this article, hopefully. Watch out for great content from him!

Driving a BMW 3 series across the Australian continent in 3 days -- by Drive Tasmania

Marcus - This is a brilliant, well written article with plenty of nice pictures and I certainly enjoyed reading it. Awesome work.

10 facts about Mercedes-Benz you might not know -- by Richard Dammara

Kiran - Richard has done quite a lot of digging for this, and we need to give him credit for that! And he's a new Drivetriber, so it's just great to see.

Here are the 7 best-sounding race cars ever -- by Ethan Mearns

Kiran - We all love a listicle, and we all love racing car sounds. Ethan has perfectly combined them!

Fallen heroes: 5 famous cars that have lost their way! -- by Joe Boater

Natasha - While Joe is often known for his polls and memes, this week he's taken a different turn with a wonderful article. We hope to see more from you in the future!

And lets finish with these 4 brilliantly unique articles

Ford has once again figured out if you make good looking cars people buy them -- by Marcus Tomczak

Marcus - This is another well written and interesting article by Marc, his content is always worth reading and I'd recommend giving him a follow so you don't miss any of his work.

I messaged Tinder matches quotes from The Grand Tour and Top Gear -- by Ellie Jane

Natasha - Now, while this isn't your typical DriveTribe article, Ellie still wrote a very original and downright funny article. It was probably the best I read all week! Utterly hilarious to read the reactions she got, very enjoyable altogether.

The time I accidentally broke into the McLaren technology centre -- by Ben Welham

Natasha - Next to Thomas Kim, I have to say that Ben Welham is one of my favorite writers on DriveTribe. And I loved reading his article on how his profile picture came to life. It was a very funny and hilarious article to read. Enjoyable altogether.

In a world of WRXs and Miatas; be a rally van -- by Frank Colletti

Kiran - Starting with a quirky title, Frank has done Oppo proud here. Keep them coming!

And there we have it, 27 of the finest posts from the past year. Of course there was also a lot of great content created that isn't featured here but it would have been impossible to include all of it.

If you’ve made it this far make sure to tell us your favourite post of the year in the comments and remember to vote in the polls, the winners will each get some TribeCoins.

T​hanks for reading!

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  • Cheers guys and well done everyone else on DriveTribe. 2020 was a rough year but that didn’t stop us producing some wicked content!

      4 months ago
  • This has been a very enjoyable year (mostly) and I loved reading all your articles! Congrats guys!

      4 months ago
  • The tinder quotes and the McLaren centre ones were absolutely legendary

      4 months ago
  • Wow! Thank you so much for including me and well done to everyone else!

      4 months ago
  • Legend! I loved doing this segment and we're definitely continuing it. Well done everyone!

      4 months ago