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The very first 4WD Ferrari

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When Ferrari stated that they will make a 4WD car called FF, people were a bit skeptical. I mean, the idea just came out of nowhere. But, when the car was presented, we realized that it was a very good idea-the customers finally had a practical Ferrari, and the company was making a lot of money of off it. And the same thing is currently going on with the GTC4 Lusso. But, the very first 4WD was made way back in 1987.

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Engineers at Ferrari were trying to give some interesting ideas for the company's range and they came up with plans about making a 4WD supercar. The executives took this idea very well, and decided to make two fully functioning prototypes.

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The first car (chassis #70183) was made in June 1987. It was painted in red and featured a steel welded chassis. The second car (chassis #78610) was made in September 1988. That one was painted in yellow and had an aluminium frame; now that car is displayed at the Ferrari's Museum in Maranello.

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Both 408 4RM cars had a 4.0-litre V8 engine with 300 HP and a 5-speed manual transmission. The "4RM" in the name stands for "4 Ruote Motrici" which means "four-wheel drive" in Italian.

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The body was made by the company called Alcan, which was a car-body expert at the time. In the 1980s, they were experimenting with aluminium quite a lot, and when they were working on the 4RM, they wanted to show a new way of bonding body parts-with adhesives.

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As you can see, this wasn't the best looking Ferrari, but it was just an experiment to see what could be possible if the decided to go with the idea. However, Ferrari's head honchos weren't really impressed by the benefits of 4WD, so they scrapped the project.



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