- The Vespa 98 Concept. Pic Credit: Mightyseed

The Vespa reimagined as a electric scooter

Reimagined by an Indian Design Consultancy firm and it still says classic Vespa...

1y ago

In 1946, Piaggio released the Vespa, it has become an icon since. Today it is popular in the world it still is produced in a variety of models including electric. But, Indian based design consultancy firm Mightyseed has a render that merges the classic with the modern and gets it ready for the future, they call it the Vespa 98 concept.

A self started in-house project the Vespa 98 was inspired from the Corradino Vespa and only the Corradino Vespa. Then they added a bit of minimalism to make it look modern. The design features strip LED headlights, indicators and LED ribbed taillights. It also features a handlebar stip display that shows all the essential readings required by the rider - speed, distance, (from looking at picture) mode of riding. All futuristic items which are very cool.

The design is also a message, as told by Mightyseed's Co-Founder and Principal Design Engineer - Adithyan G, it is a message of hope of a brighter sustainable future based on what our predecessors donate to our society.

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Comments (5)

  • It's certainly pretty... but it is too low at its extremities. I'm a biker and that little scooter will get its buttocks turned into shavings in the first week! Scooters are not ridden by old, bearded guys in faded jeans who ride very slowly with their gout ridden feet, forwards. They are bought and ridden by trendy, younger buyers who want reliable transport they won't look stupid on. They are also ridden as if they had just stolen them... and in some cases, this is true!

      1 year ago
  • But will it generate that smell and noise?? .. many digitally

      1 year ago
    • Our addiction to 'noise' will fade away Bobby. You grandad (great grandad?) would mourn the lack of steam and the new bitter smell that new fangled automobiles made. We miss the familiar until it becomes the new familiar.

        1 year ago
    • By the time I am that old the few E-types left will be in museums or a collectors garage..

      I love all cars, I don’t hate electric or hybrid drivetrains, it’s just that car. The F type roadster v6 sounds amazingly close for a v6 with catalytic...

      Read more
        1 year ago