The Viper..

Not for the faint of heart..

4y ago

It may look like a fire breathing dragon that wants to burn and swallow everything in its path.. which it is, but it is also much, much more.. Driving it like a normal car, all you hear is an effortless, deep grunt, never having to go past a couple thousand rpm.

Try testing the gas pedal though, and things get interesting.. very quickly - the 8.4L V10 has power throughout the band, a symphony-orchestra soundtrack to go with it, and the howl past 4500 rpm is enough to get every animal in the jungle run for shelter. With the widest tires ever fitted to a production car (for good reason because this car has no traction control), I tried to find out how easy it would be to slide and then control.. body-slammed in my seat, or as Clarkson would say, 'poo came out'.

The Viper cannot go in a car wash, its uncomfortable, impractical, and dangerous. But what most fail to understand is that, none of those things is what this car was ever supposed to be about. Everything in this wonderful machine is turned up to 11, the word 'normal' was on vacation the day Dodge decided to build this monster. No input, no matter how small, goes unnoticed in this car. There is no time to look at the rpm before shifting - you have to train your ears to properly time shifts, and no other distractions in the cockpit that take away from the undivided attention this car needs.

The Dodge Viper is not for the faint of heart, or the untrained, and will not tolerate any amount of nonsense. That is probably why it is not dime-a-dozen like the Corvette or the Mustang. Polishing your driving skills is the only way to keep this pet without having it swallow you whole without a burp.

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  • So true! I have an '03 and I traded in a Vette for it. I pulled out of my driveway the first morning I drove it, as I would have in my Vette, and did a 180! I learned a valuable lesson that morning...this car only responds to the one who can tame it. Now they call me Viperheart.

      3 years ago