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The "Vision Duet" is one artist's view of a fully-autonomous future

The unofficial renderings offer a glimpse at what the future may hold for autonomous motoring

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This futuristic concept car looks like the stuff of dreams for autonomous driving fans. Created by designer Luji Huang at the ArtCenter College of Design in Pasadena, CA, you'd be forgiven for thinking it was created by the top designers at Mercedes-Benz itself.

Designed as a futuristic three-seat grand tourer, the idea is that the 'Vision Duet' offers an entirely new take on the road trip experience, thanks to its level 5 autonomy, fully-electric drivetrain, and unusual striking design.

YouTube: Lujie Huang

YouTube: Lujie Huang

Luji believes that with the shift towards EV-only motoring and increasing autonomy, there will be a complete change in the way that we experience driving, and touring in particular. Moving away from a driver-focused experience to a passenger-focused one, greater emphasis will be placed on the ride, immersion, and enjoyability of the passenger experience.

YouTube: Lujie Huang

YouTube: Lujie Huang

To facilitate this, there are no traditional controls in this concept; No pedals or steering wheel, just two forward-facing seats and large central table. When parked, the glass roof can retract and reveals a thrid usable seat in the front of the cabin.

Apparently inspired by the seating layout seen in water-going pleasure craft, this influence can be clearly seen in the interior design of the Vision Duet.


The distinctive Mercedes-Benz three-pointed star is prominent on the front grille, but this is where the family relation to any current MB product ends. The bodywork is a blend of smooth, flowing shapes and large glass areas mixed with harsh details such as the short front overhang and plethora of LED light details.

While not officially endorsed by Mercedes-Benz in any way, the Vision Duet offers an interesting insight into what the future of motoring could hold.

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Comments (9)

  • Cars are not about the passengers. They can walk or take public transportation. It's all about me, Me and more ME. I want to drive the car. That's the joy.

    Make this a secondary transportation option of the less driving inclined but not me. I'll take the wheel.

      21 days ago
    • I couldn't agree more,I want to drive and not driven especially not by AI

        18 days ago
    • Exactly. Everything is being automated in the name of “safety” these days, I hate it. What will people do when everything has been taken over by a freaking computer... probably die of boredom.

        18 days ago
  • nexy up: autonomous forks and spoons, no more stabbed lips, in the name of safety we decided to make you completly lazy and unable to do the most basics things

      18 days ago
  • Why would you make an autonomous car a two-seater sports coupe?

      17 days ago
  • What, no doors? *BRUH

      17 days ago
  • It’s got a front grille and intakes, so it needs a V8 and a gear stick! And the blond chick goes walking in the scenery, it must have some controls, how would you tell it to stop at the lookout? Me thinks it’s only for major highways that AI can navigate. So would be useless for touring somewhere like down here in Aus. Lots of country roads with no markings or guide posts. Still, nerds in design studios got to do something with their time...

      18 days ago


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