The Volkswagen ID.6 Is Soon Here

Next year, the large electric SUV Volkswagen ID.6 will be launched. And judging by the picture above, it's a Peugeot.

Last year, Volkswagen unveiled the electric SUV I.D. Roomzz, but then it was only a concept. Now a spy photographer has captured the production car - named ID.6 - in the Austrian Alps.

The sculpture is the same, but the sliding doors on the concept have been replaced with conventional doors both front and rear. ID.6 also of course gets B-pillars, something I.D. Roomzz was missing.

Even if the car looks relatively unmasked, it is difficult to interpret any details. The front and lights are effectively masked.

It does look like a Peugeot, doesn't it?

It does look like a Peugeot, doesn't it?

ID.6 is based on the same foundation as other family members - the MEB platform. The electric stove will start selling in China next year, but should arrive in Europe and the USA shortly afterwards. Two pre-production copies have already been built in the Foshan factory, which is co-owned by Volkswagen and FAW.

I.D. Roomzz boasted a 45 mile range (WLTP) from the battery pack placed in the floor and 302 horsepower. Expect ID.6 to perform similarly.

Given its size, it is a strong challenger to the upcoming electric BMW iX5 and current Audi e-tron.

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