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The VW Arteon Can Now do 0-62mph in 5.6 Seconds

24w ago


As the flagship of the VW range, its about time that the stylish Arteon was given their top-of-the-range-engine.

The powerplant in question is the 2.0L four-cylinder turbocharged TSI unit that is used in varying states of tune across the VW range.

In the Arteon the engine deploys 272 PS (268hp) and 350 Nm (258lb-ft) of torque to the road via the 4MOTION all-wheel drive system. This results in a blistering 0-62mph time of 5.6 seconds.

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This chic motorised office can only be out dragged by one other car from the VW brand, namely the Golf R.

Equally impressive is the fact that the Arteon is 0.8 seconds quicker to 62mph than a Golf GTI Performance. The 272 PS Atreon is equipped with a seven-speed DSG gearbox and tops out at 155mph.

Launched in 2017 the Arteon is ‘an avant-garde gran turismo with scelte fastback styling.’ I think this means it’s the swoopy, stylish yet sporty model that’s meant to slot in at the top of the VW tree and replace the Passat CC.

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The new most potent engine can be had on both Arteon trim levels. The sportier looking ‘R-Line’ model can be seen here, but If you prefer your A5 Sportback competitor to look subtler you can go for ‘Elegance’ trim.

With only a few thousand Arteon models sold this year, VW will no doubt be hopeful that the new more powerful powertrain, which in my opinion seems more fitting to something dubbed as a fastback, will attract new buyers to the car.

Perhaps the biggest opponent it faces is its VW Group stablemate, the Skoda Superb. The Superb can be had with the same powertrain and is actually 0.1 seconds faster to 62mph.

I'd take the Superb © - Skoda Auto

This is hardly a cavernous gap and I doubt it’s going to influence a buyer’s decision, but to my eyes and in this company, the biggest issue for the Arteon is the way it looks.

Don’t get me wrong, I think the Arteon is a good-looking car, I just think that the Superb has a more attractive look to it. It does a better job of blending sporty styling cues with modern business-like sophistication.

If you need proof of my theory, just take a look at the wheels fitted to the examples seen here.

But what do you think of the Arteon? Let me know in the comments below!