The VW ID.3 is here – meet the electric car for the masses

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Volkswagen's Golf-sized EV is here in the shape of the ID.3, and could be a game changer in the electric car world. After showcasing the company's electric expertise through the ID.R hillclimb car, the first production car of the ID. family looks to smash the Nissan Leaf into submission.

I​t looks like an Up at the front and a Golf everywhere else, so it's still very much a VW

T​here'll be three variants – one with a 45kWh battery which is good for 205 miles of range (measured on the reasonably real-world WLTP cycle), a 58kWh car good for 261 miles and a range-topping 77kWh car which can achieve 342 miles from a charge.

T​he top-spec car is pretty punchy, giving the ID.3 one of the longest ranges of any electric car on sale. And its power will be sent solely to the rear wheels through a one-speed transmission. If it's not too heavy then, these things could be quite fun compared to their front-driven rivals.

We need more turquoise cars

T​he 'First Edition' car seen here sits in the middle with its 58kWh battery, with VW opting for a Tesla-like charging incentive for the first adopters of the car. First Edition buyers get one year's free charging from Volkswagen's WeCharge service. That encapsulates all charging stations linked with WeCharge, including the Ionity network which has over 100,000 stations across Europe.

T​he car sits on VW's new MEB platform which has been designed to have scope for multiple different battery volumes. Nevermind the palaver of mucking around with loads of different engine sizes, the badge on the back of these cars comes down to how much of the floor you fill with a big ol' battery pack.

E​xpect to see god knows how many variants of this platform being pumped to all corners of the VW empire

F​ind a 100kW fast charger and Volkswagen claims the I.D. 3 will gain 180 miles of range in 30 minutes, about the amount of time it takes to nip into a motorway McDonalds to try out its new spicy nuggets (spoiler alert, they're crap).

The longevity of the batteries has been assured for eight years or 160,000km, so there's no need to worry about fast charging kicking the crap out of your battery life over time either.

A​erodynamic wheels are all the craze for EVs these days and these ones look funky as hell

P​rices for the entry-level car will start from just under £27,000 and deliveries will start midway through next year.

T​he Golf has been the all-dominant hatchback since what seems like forever, so it wouldn't be too far-fetched to predict that the ID.3 could come along and be the go-to electric hatchback of the future.

A​ cab-dominant design, as an EV should be

Mercedes, BMW, Audi and many others will have answers to this rather important car. But with the Nissan Leaf being the only real current match for VW's new family of incoming EVs, expect to see hundreds of these things taking over from where the Golf bows out.

S​o given the current crop of hatchback EVs, would you take the ID.3 over the rest? Cast your vote in the poll below!

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