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The Wall of Many Cool - RUF CTR2
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  • The Sauna (worse than above)

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  • Crazy cool car! Only 16 produced. In every measurable metric, the RUF beat all of the usual suspects like a rug ... save one ... the McLaren F1. When one considers the relatively humble resources RUF has to work with, comparatively speaking, the car is even more impressive but I’m a RUF junky so I always give them high marks. I feel the same way about Singer & Dinan Engineering. Happy New Year!

      9 months ago
    • I’m a RUF junkie too. I think there are only 3 cars better than the CTR: the F40, XJ220 and F1

      I prefer the Yellowbird over the CTR2 but even that is a masterpiece

        9 months ago
    • I appreciate the Yellow Bird for being the first but do you think the CTR2 was perfect evolution?

        9 months ago
  • Where's the freezer. This is cryogenic cool

      9 months ago


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