The Wedding Taxi

On the 17th of August 2017 I had the pleasure of carrying out my first ever job as a wedding car driver.

It’s fair to say this wedding car experience wasn’t your normal wedding car booking, I mean how many people book there regular taxi Driver and his 2013 Škoda Octavia for there special day?

Well Geoff and Fiona Conrad decided that there was only one way to arrive and that was in a Conrad’s Cab so when asked I immediately said yes, they said but how much? I said a bottle of Jack Daniels and a picture from your photographer of you with the car? The deal was done and the planning commenced.

I immediately started to think how I could do something a little different, We arranged to put ribbons on the car but I knew I needed to add a little something so I had Luke and Redesigns on the Glan Yr Afon to add a few stickers to my bonnet to make things a little more special. If you know my car already you will know it already has Conrad’s Cab on the bonnet so I made it say....

Mr & Mrs Conrad’s Wedding Cab - It was without a doubt the absolute icing on the cake!

The day went without a hitch and I couldn’t have been happier to have done this job, From a marketing point of view I’m not going to lie it was absolute gold but to be apart of something unique for two brilliant people that have used me as first port of call everyday since they met me then there was no way I couldn't be apart of it.

Photo Courtesy of Sara Jenkin

This day was definitely one of my highlight's of being Conrad’s Cab.

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  • Welcome back Conrad!

    1 year ago
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  • It just seemed the obvious choice of wedding car as I was about to become Mrs Conrad! I was over the moon when I saw the bonnet, it far exceeded my expectations and helped make our day such a special one! Thank you Conrad x

    1 year ago
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