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Prepare it for winter hibernation please Rich...


991 Carrera GTS Cab.

On Monday I traveled from my home in North East London up the M1 to Northamptonshire. What greeted me there was a beautiful Porsche 991 GTS which was sat in the pouring rain. Luckily with a warm, clean garage close by I was able to start by thoroughly washing the car down.

8am start. 102 miles travelled to the job.

Once washed it needed to be clayed, I used a 3M clay on this one as a lot of the contamination was quite stubborn, especially on the sills and around the rear bumper near the exhaust tips. Making the paint smooth is a crucial part of the cleaning process. Without it, it would create problems and cause delay during the machining which once it was dry was the next stage.

Agate Grey after a single stage light enhancement.

Machined in places with 3m Fast Cut Plus XL and mainly with Final Finish the paint was swirl free and gloss was recovered ready for the wax. I then moved onto the interior. Generally in pretty good condition it needed a complete wipe down and carpets lightly cleaned. The leather was treated, alcantara cleaned and brushed and the dash brushed down and carbon polished.

991 GTS Interior.

With the time now about 16:00 all that was left was a couple of hours on the glass, wheel polishing, tyres, and waxing. Raceglaze Red Label was chosen for this one. Then finally the handover to the client and the drive back home.

Porsche 991 GTS

Great to meet you Richard and thank you for doing such a wonderful job. Have a safe trip home...


Tuesday was a little closer to home, surprisingly though the time I left home was very similar as Monday as getting into the West End of London is an average speed of about 10 mph? A very special Aston Martin was waiting. 1 of only 40 made the V600 Le Mans is a car I have looked after for a couple of years now.

8am start. Londons West End.

Twin superchargers boosted the 5,340cc V8 to a massive 600hp. It also catapulted the torque to 550Ib/ft.

The detailing processes were pretty much identical to Mondays GTS although general condition of the V600 LM was better because i'd done it several times before.

Aston Martin V600 Le Mans 1 of 40 finished..

Wednesday was a two hour drive to a large car collection. Today it was the turn of the owners Porsche Carrera GT. There really is no quick way to clean a GT as they are so exposed everywhere.

Carrera GT

1 of 1270 Porsche Carrera GT finished,

A true work of art from every angle..

Thursday was another 120 mile drive North to a recently purchased Bentley Brooklands Coupe. I called upon the help of Dean from Hi-Shine as this is a very big car and I was only given a day to transform it. Dean helps me at the big events I work at like Goodwood FoS and Silverstone Auctions. He also holds over 15 years experience and has an admirably suitable work ethic.

6.75L V8. Left home at 05:30 for an 08:00 start.

After the cleaning and decontamination process I cut the paint back with 3M Fast Cut Plus XL whilst Dean followed up refining..

1 of 550. Bentley Brooklands Coupe finished at 19:00. Arrived back home at 21:30. Dean got home at 22:15.

Friday was upon me and it was the turn of a very special Jaguar. Only 250 Project 7 have been made. With nearly 600hp the predominantly roofless coupe is the work of Jaguars Special Vehicle Operations division.

A very cold 8am start after a 90 mile drive...

Identical process to the GTS on this one. However, due to the complicated design features of the P7 it's a very difficult and time consuming car to work on. Hopefully you'll agree that the results speak for themselves?

This is a bonnet reflection. The bonnet was up at the time.

Jaguar Project 7 finished. Arrived back home at 22:30.

So that was my week. Very typical, 790 miles travelled. Please do comment on this article and let me know if you'd like me to try and do it every week? It takes a long time to compile so its always good to know if anyone is actually reading it? Rich

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