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The weekly car sale challenge #3

An unquestionably glamorous journey awaits you in this week's challenge: will your car of choice earn you the 250 tribe coins that are up for grabs?

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What defines the perfect road trip? The car? The roads? The sights and views? Each one cannot claim to be the sole reason for what makes the perfect long-distance drive, but stitched together collectively as a unit, they can. Every person has their own definition of what components make up their perfect hoist across the promised lands.

Some people would like belting across an Autobahn at continuous breakneck speeds in a Bugatti of some sort, before ending up at the Nürburgring. Whilst others may realise their perfect moment whilst climbing up the French Alps, and drowning any villages they pass in a meteorite of decibels spewing out of one of Ferrari's iconic V12 rocket ships.

Image credit: Colcorsa.

Image credit: Colcorsa.

Motoring perfection has no sole definition: it's quite literally each to their own. No two people can claim to have the same meaning for what it would consist of, and that's what makes the world of driving and the automobile so damn special. I think you can see where this weeks challenge is going, but before that, let's get the nitty gritty out of the way.

For anyone who's still unfamiliar with this weekly challenge that we've been doing on DriveTribe for the last two week's now, please click here for the maiden article to catch up to speed.

In last week's challenge, I set you lovely readers the task of finding the perfect set of wheels for under £5000, that will ferry you across the incredible Horn of Africa. The journey would, non-fictionally speaking, be impossible. It involved crossing four difficult countries over 1800 miles that would have minimal terrain and maximum danger.

Again, there were some incredible entries last week. Let's have a look at some honourable mentions, starting off with a pair of 15-year-old Suzuki Jimny's from Jesse Billington and Daman Matharu:

An adorably plucky car that you just cannot ignore. In most instances, the Jimny would be considered a safe bet that's hard to disagree with as a choice for this challenge. Jesse will probably hound me in the comments section for not choosing this as the winner, because we all know just how much he worships his own one!

Robert Thornton managed to find this gorgeously coated 1976 Defender 109 Santana Series III. I'm not surprised a Defender has been entered, and as he says, it certainly looks the part:

Ethan Degge and James Clack also posted two off-roaders that really left me contemplating. What reason would anyone have to turn their noses up at either of these for such a perilous journey?

Onious W also sent in an interesting shout, which seems to be some sort of weird mutation of an old Disco that would certainly give you an adrenaline rush across the beaten track. I mean, I'm sure it would scare any gunmen that you'd encounter, of which I'm sure there will be many:

All are brilliant ideas for journeying across the Horn, and had it not been for the forthcoming reveal, each would've staked a claim for this week's competition. I just could not disregard this Mitsubishi L200 found by John Michael. Not only is it unique (despite being a Mitsubishi), he gives good reasoning for his choice. Here it is:

Just looking at it makes me feel safe. Almost as though it represents my guardian angel .. though, a guardian made of steel and rubber. Not sure if that's ever been said before, but oh well. So on that note, congratulations to John Michael for winning last week's competition!

On to this week's challenge:

Your tax refund has been added to your bank account, and it's a significantly larger amount than you would've imagined. You've also been the beneficiary of a bit of tax evasion to add on top of that, so you've now got an extra £40,000 sitting around at the bank. You've been dreaming of driving across the French Riviera for as long as you can remember, with Monaco signalling your journey's end.

To make it that bit more interesting, you'll be starting in the glamorous city of Paris. Then, you'll freefall south towards Geneva, before crossing back into the historic French city of Lyon, and then using any and every switchback road you can find on your way even further south towards Marseille. From then, it's a straight cruise to Monaco. A total journey of nearly 1200km.

You'll want something sleek and agile to navigate the tight cities you'll be crossing, as well as something that'll make you feel as alive as you've ever felt whilst crossing the switchbacks from Lyon to Marseille. But the most significant factor is how much of a head turner it is - after all, there's no point in going to Monaco if you get there in a Fiesta ST or a Golf GTI, as was demonstrated by two middle aged .. err .. old men.

Image credit: Google Maps.

Image credit: Google Maps.

What car do you purchase for the journey with the £40,000 ($55k/€ 45k) you have?

Like last week, there are no restrictions apart from the price. Be creative and don't go for the obvious options. You want beauty, power and pantomime - after all, you are going to the ''snobbiest place on earth''. Here's my shout:

Image credit: AutoTrader.

Image credit: AutoTrader.

Oh, they'll definitely hear *and* see me coming, alright. Jaguar defines the jet set, and whilst the obvious big cat of choice should be the V8 F-Type, probably a convertible, I've gone slightly rogue with my choice. There are many reasons that the XKR-S is one of Jaguar's greatest hits: the engine note, the ridiculous colour scheme - maybe even the fact that it's unnecessarily loud? What ever it may be, this particular XKR-S screams ''PICK ME'', and I'd duly comply.

It would create a spectacle in Paris, keep up with practically anyone who wants to spray some petrol along the motorways, maintain tail-happiness on the mountain roads, before howling and barking at every single civilian that crosses its path along the Côte d'Azur. In a city of show-offs, you can't find much more flamboyance than this for the price .. or can you? No, I don't think anyone can match this over the forthcoming week, I may as well give myself the reward now. You're all welcome to try, though.

If you think you've got a worthy competitor, post it down below and give us a few sentences about why you've chosen what you've chosen.

Good luck everyone, I'm eagerly looking forward to seeing the entries!

Image credit: F1 Experiences.

Image credit: F1 Experiences.

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