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The weekly car sale challenge #4

This week's challenge presents an opportunity to prank someone that you'd really love to: will your inner-Joker claim the 250 tribe coin reward?

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Perhaps one of the greatest things about the automobile is that they've provided us with the ideal platform to go on and explore parts of the world, and all its wilderness', that we previously wouldn't have imagined doing. It actually came as no surprise that James May and Jeremy Clarkson managed to take a Toyota Hilux all the way to the North Pole, such is the reliability of 21st century engineering.

But what about the other side of the coin? We know that we can manufacture cars that can take us to, and through, the most desolate, barren wastelands that geography can conjure up - but what about those that have a hideously unreliable track record? Many cars spring to mind when you think about potential candidates for that category, but which tops the list?

Image credit: Top Gear Wiki.

Image credit: Top Gear Wiki.

I'm sure anyone who drives has had an unpleasant experience before with a car: whether that's breaking down in the most inconvenient place possible, or losing a cylinder whilst showing your father in law what your big shiny new sportscar can do. I'm no different, and if you'd like to read about one of my most comically tragic weeks of motoring yet, please click here.

First things first, for those who are STILL unfamiliar with this weekly challenge palaver (that's one month old today, woop!), click here to be forwarded to the debut article so you can get the lowdown.

Last week, you guys were set the task of finding the perfect set of wheels for a glamorous blast from Paris to Monaco, via Geneva. A journey that covered 1,182km and would take nearly 12 hours, split across two days. You'd want something that would fit right in along the prestigious, and quite snobby, French Riviera - but didn't want to compromise on performance, because you'd be tackling some of the finest switchback roads on Earth before you got there.

Speed, comfort, and stature would all be paramount deciding factors in who's entry would be victorious. It's worth me saying that this was incredibly difficult to decide - barring a few silly choices, most were cars that you'd be genuinely chuffed to complete this drive with, and almost all of them gave me the fizzing sensation behind my penis.

Let's have a look at some of the honourable mentions:

A gorgeous pair of lightweight, V6-powered butterflies that define the sportscar from the early noughties era. Certainly, when a bit a throwback, low-slung, two-seat road-hugging is in order, you'd be hard pressed to find something more desirable than these two. Incredibly rare, wonderfully engineered, and both will provide endless hours of fun along those switchbacks. I just feel like they lack that bit of ''glamour'' - they're just slightly too blue collar for this trip. Still, absolute kudos to Michael Masin and Matt J for these fantastic entries.

And how about this for a perfect two-car garage? A mark I Ford Escort and a Lancia Fulvia, both in their iconic rally-spec variations. I can see where Onious W and Dimitar Bekyarov are going with these: for a gumball-3000-esque trip, barring the obvious reliability issues, they'd certainly add to the unique make-up of any convoy. Neither would look out of place rolling up to Monaco, either. But they're still lacking a little something ..

There are few things that go more hand-in-hand with one another than a 1955 Porsche 356 Speedster and the French Riviera. Of course, this is a kit car - there's no way you'd get a real 356 for under £40k - those will set you back close to half a million pounds these days. But it's still a very good example.

It's got that playboy element about it - you just know the driver of this would flirt outrageously with anything and everything that moves along the Riviera, even though he has a wife at home. This 356 has lost out because, as mentioned, it's a kit car, and because its mechanical make up date's back to well over half a century now.

I'll admit, I'm not the biggest fan of the Jensen Interceptor, but I just had to include this because of Victor Leveque's totally badass line: ''Darling, let's take the Interceptor to Monaco tonight.''

The 1M is becoming increasingly sought-after. The current M2 is hailed as one of BMW's greatest hits, and is said to be an ode to the 1M - I think that provides a rough idea of how amazing this car was, and how timeless the engineering behind it is. It doesn't look half bad either, does it? You can keep your Lambo's and Ferrari's, any true petrolhead would make a b-line for one of these amongst a horde of the predictable cars found in Monaco. Credits to Nathaniel Ajala on this truly fabulous find.

Because, who doesn't love an RT/10 Viper with the retro, ''push it off to look immediately cooler'', roof? Edging tantalisingly closer to the top now. Nice find, Lukas Shepherd!

Just missing out on first spot, and the entrant that had the most likes, was this 1996 Aston Martin BD7 GTS, found by Tristan Boudazin. Low miles, one of the coolest body shapes ever made, and a true statement car. This very nearly won it for me, but one other car was stopping it from doing so. As you can imagine, I had to get picky, and so I had to take points off from this DB7 for its alloys. I don't think they look right when paired with the rest of this gorgeous body. A set of alloys was the difference between it winning and losing, which shows just how hard I found picking this week's winner:

How beautiful is that? A retro 911 Targa, in a STUNNING shade of navy blue, hunkered down to the floor. It has the performance of the DB7, the roof option of the Viper, and the heritage that anything else can provide. Its skinny enough to navigate the tight, city streets of Paris and Geneva, and being a 911, will define the term ''smiles per gallon'' all the way South to Lyon, before stealing the show along the Riviera.

I think it strikes the right balance between snobby and nerdy, and that's why it's the winner for me. Well done to Amogh Hampiholi, who wins 250 tribe coins!

On to this week's challenge:

I started this article talking about unreliable cars, and there's a very good reason for that. Along with unreliable cars, humanity has also managed to forge some of the most stupidly dangerous roads in the world, and whilst the question of ''which is most dangerous'' is up for debate, there's no doubt that the risks involved with traversing one of those roads makes them suicidal. Take this one, for instance:

Image credit: Landdisposition.

Image credit: Landdisposition.

Found in India, this is one particularly terrifying section of the mountain road known as the ''Killar to Kishtwar Road'': a 70.8 mile-long ribbon of mud and rock that can hardly be considered a road in the first place. Obvious dangers include steep cliffs, no guardrails, being isolated and, as a result, little to no chance of rescue if you get stranded. You'll need some balls on you to attempt this, alright. Here's a few more gut-wrenching photos of the route:

Luckily, you won't be going anywhere near this road. But, somehow, you find yourself in the unique position where you can place the person you'd most love to prank in the world, inside a car, which they must then drive along the full length of the Killar to Kishtwar route. It's worth noting that the maximum elevation of the pass is 11,500ft up into the heavens. For some perspective, that's nearly four times as high as the tallest building in the world: the Burj Khalifa. You must really, really, REEAAAALLLY want to get back at someone to place them in this sort of situation! What on earth did they do to you?

Now don't lie .. you've got at least one person who's sprung to mind, right? So, considering you'll take so much pleasure in their fear, and you'll be choosing what car they must use to traverse this leviathan, wha .. you can see where this is going, right ..

What car do you make them use for this trek? Remember, you want it to be as

unreliable as possible, after all, you want them to get a real thrill, right?

You've got a budget of £10,000, and you can pick just about anything you want.

With all that cleared up, post your idea of the most unreliable car you can find down below, under the value, for a chance of winning 250 tribe coins next week. For added comedy, I'd love if you could also include the person you'd be putting in that seat, and your reasons for doing so.

This should be interesting. Good luck to all participants, let's see how creative you can get.

Image credit: Wanderwisdom.

Image credit: Wanderwisdom.

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