The Weekly Formula Once Quiz #4

2y ago

McLaren repeated the flaw of the cancelled 2003 MP4-18 for the dreadful MP4-30 in 2015. What was it?

  • Overly sensitive electronics
  • Bad brakes
  • Terrible gearbox
  • Overly narrow bodywork
  • Awful underfloor aerodynamics

Which sub par turbo engine managed to grab a pole position against all odds?

  • Hart 415T
  • Alfa Romeo 890T
  • Motori Moderni 615-90
  • Zakspeed 1500/4
  • Ford TEC

F1 debutant Yuji Ide lost his Super Licence after just four races for Super Aguri in 2006. What made the FIA revoke it?

  • He failed to understand the concept of blue flags
  • He consistently parked his car at pit entry and walked the rest in search of a valet
  • He tried to steal Bernie Ecclestone's beloved pocket watch
  • He tried to race the safety car during a caution period
  • He torpedoed a fellow competitor

Though very very slow, the Forti FG01 was in fact a special car in 1995. What made it so unique?

  • It was made of a novel composite
  • It had a bespoke engine
  • It used sophisticated electronics
  • It was funded by a drug lord
  • It still used a fully manual transmission

In 1975, Emerson and Wilson Fittipaldi fielded the strange Copersucar FD01. What was the car named after?

  • A copper mill
  • An oil company
  • A producer of candy
  • A sugar and ethanol refinery
  • An auto parts supplier

The Virgin VR-01 appeared in 2010. The team filed for special dispensation to modify the car mid-season. Why was that?

  • The tires rubbed against the suspension
  • The floor kept dragging on the track
  • The front wing was too weak
  • The engine kept overheating and cutting out
  • The fuel tank was too small

The McLaren M30 was the last before Ron Dennis' takeover. Which future champion had the misfortune of driving it?

  • Keke Rosberg
  • Nelson Piquet
  • Ayrton Senna
  • Nigel Mansell
  • Alain Prost

In 2006, V8 engines were made mandatory. Which teams were the last to field a V8 before that?

  • Tyrrell
  • Arrows
  • Forti
  • Minardi
  • Brabham

Tiny French team Automobiles Gonfaronnaises Sportives popped up for two races in 1986. How many employees did it have?

  • 32
  • 24
  • 19
  • 11
  • 7

The BT60B was the last Brabham. How many times did it qualify in 1992?

  • 10
  • 8
  • 5
  • 3
  • None of the times

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