The Weekly Formula Once Quiz #5

2y ago

The first Force India appeared in 2008. What is the correct lineage of the team?

  • Tyrrell, Prost, Jaguar.
  • BAR, Virgin, Marussia.
  • Brabham, Stewart, Red Bull.
  • Jordan, Midland, Spyker.
  • Minardi, HRT, Caterham.

BMS Scuderia Italia's Dallara chassis wasn't ready for the first race of 1988. What did they do make the grid anyway?

  • They bribed Bernie Ecclestone with free pizza
  • They borrowed a spare chassis from March
  • They brought a full scale model and pretended it was broken
  • They entered a painfully slow F3000 car
  • Nothing

The strange Theodore TY01 came to life in 1981. What was the car's namesake?

  • Theodore Roosevelt
  • A clothing company
  • A fine arts museum
  • A private entrepreneur
  • A media conglomerate

Bruce McLaren entered F1 as a constructor in 1966. Which brand of engine was that year's M2B initially powered by?

  • Ford
  • Ferrari
  • Alfa Romeo
  • Coventry Climax
  • Serenissima

At the 1982 Long Beach GP, Ferrari fitted a strange dual wing arrangement to Gilles Villeneuve's 126C2. Why was that?

  • Double the wings, double the downforce
  • They were unable to make one big wing
  • It was part of a protest
  • Just to see what would happen
  • The regular wing had been forgotten at the factory

The 1957 Ferrari 801 was a big disappointment. Where did it trace its origins to?

  • A Ferrari sportscar
  • A disused Fiat design
  • A random drawing by Dino Ferrari
  • A Lancia
  • Alcohol

HRT contested the 2010, 2011 and 2012 seasons before folding. What did the acronym stand for?

  • Hennessy Racing Team
  • Honda Replica Team
  • Horrible Ruinous Terror
  • Horatio Rivazza Torino
  • Hispania Racing Team

In 1998, Benetton rebranded the Renault V10 engines used in the B198 as Playlife. What did that stand for?

  • A travel agency
  • A toy company
  • A pharmaceutical concern
  • A self-help book
  • A clothing brand

The controversial low sex aid nose was introduced in 2014 to block airflow. Which teams found a different solution?

  • Ferrari
  • Red Bull
  • Lotus
  • Mercedes-Benz
  • Marussia

The 1991 Footwork FA12 was an utter failure. Why was that?

  • Weak suspension
  • Overweight chassis
  • Fragile gearbox
  • Terrible aerodynamics
  • Godawful engine

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