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The Weirdest Supra Rendition You'll Ever See: The Veilside 4509GTR

Have They Taken It Too Far With This One?

40w ago

Veilside, the Japanese Bodykit company behind the famous RX-7 Fortune from Tokyo Drift, has a bodykit for the famous A80 Supra, which appears to resemble a Bentley Continental! While the RX-7 Fortune somewhat resembles the model it's based on, this Supra looks nothing like the original. While this is not a brand new release, it's still fascinating to see what the Japanese bodykit company has been doing since it's 15mins of fame, back in 2006.



The bodykit, which has been custom designed by Veilside, shares it's headlights and tailights with the Audi R8. The interior has changed too, demonstrating that it's not only the outside that counts. Styled to replicate the perforated leather seats found in many sports cars, the 4509GTR manages to hide is Supra roots extremely well, inside and out, and while the place where the Toyota Logo would sit can clearly be seen underneath the Veilside logo, it's nice to see the company take pride in the kit they have made, and put their own logo on the wheel.

The interior has changed too, demonstrating that it's not only the outside that counts.

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The kit itself costs ¥3,000,000 JPY ($40,140 AUD / $28,456 USD / £21,999 GBP), which is not a lot, considering it covers up any remnants of the original car, and makes something unique that is likely a one-of-a-kind for where you live. Whilst this car may never see full production, it's nice to know that somewhere out there, someone is making cool bodykits like this, to increase the much needed diversity of the cars on our roads. This increased diversity would be a change welcomed by car enthusiasts and daily commuters alike, who grow tired of seeing the same cars day in, day out.

If You Want To Check Out Veilside And Their Other Bodykits, Here's Their Site:

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Comments (19)

  • it looks like a Chrysler....

      9 months ago
  • I think, the front is special, but not cool.

      9 months ago
  • Did Mansory get a hold of this 🤮

      9 months ago
  • I thought that was a weird Chrysler lol

      9 months ago
  • It looks very similar to the brushes I use to polish my boots with. I wonder why it was thought that this was a style worthy of pursuing?

      9 months ago