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The weirdest way to win a car

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Everyone likes free stuff,whether it be cash,food or toys ETC.Free stuff is the best and winning a car for free?Sign me up,especially given how expensive cars are here in Singapore and Subaru gives you the chance to do so,but its probably not how you expect to win a car though.Traditionally you can win a car from giveaways and lucky draws but how Subaru lets you win the car is by far the weirdest

So what is it?

Well its called the "Mediacorp Subaru car challenge" and for over 10 years,it is a chance for you to win a car for free by being able to keep your hand on the car the longest.Yes you heard that right,winning a car just from putting your hand on it.Below is a pic with what I am talking about

A blue forester for the charity competition while everyone else has a grey one.

How does it work?

How it works is very simple,a hours before the event a hundred or so people will register for this event and during the event when it starts,they put their hands on the white spots on the car like you can see above,and then they compete they see who can keep their hand on the car the longest and if their hand deliberately or accidentally slips or they cheat,they are eliminated.The last palm standing will win a new car,for the past few years it has been a Subaru XV 2.0/Crosstrek.See?Simple...

What about food and water and toilet breaks?

That I imagine is a question that people who just heard of this would be asking,well during the event there are 5 minute breaks assigned at every 6 hours or maybe due to poor weather like rain

Is it easy?

If it was as simple as just putting your hand on the car and waiting a few mins and then you can win a car.I don't think the competition will have been around for so long.The people in this competition can put their hand on the cars for literal days,to give and idea of what I mean,2008's winner lasted more than 81 hours. Thats more than 3 days...so to answer the question above.No,its not easy and you must really want to win the car for you to use this as during this you cant use any phones so its over 60 hours with no phones and no showers(yes, really)

Anything else?

Yes,the previous years of the challenge up to 2016,the cars did not have COE,tax or anything to make it road legal and has been added this year.Also new to this year,there are prizes for lasting over a certain time like limited edition G-Shock watch worth S$1,299,Limited edition 30th anniversary STI watch worth S$7009(if you can find 1,send me a pic),Limited Supreme t-shirt worth S$350 and a pair of tickets to a Blackpink concert in Osaka(including air tickets and accommodation)worth S$6,000 through a lucky draw also,S$50 cash after 48 hours and $50 more every 5 hours after that.

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