The Williams FW26 was the Walrus, and now here it is in Lego form!

Undeniably one of the weirdest designs of modern F1, which made it great fun to design in Lego form! #Lego #formula1

3y ago

The FW26 was clearly one of the main talking points of the 2004 season, showing up in pre-season testing with a very weird design philosophy at the front. The nose itself stopped early and high, with two long pillars supporting the front wing.

This strange look quickly earned the FW26 its nickname of "Walrus", but sadly didn't yield the race results the team were hoping for, especially after such a strong 2003 season.

The car needed very specific track and setups to work properly, but even then it was far off the ultra-dominating Ferrari F2004. A more conventional nose re-design helped it score a win in Brazil, but that was it.

And sadly, that was going to be it for Williams for a while, the next win coming in 2012, eight years later, in the hands of none other than Pastor Maldonado.

I have to admit I didn't like the divisive Walrus nose at the time, but it has grown on me a lot since 2004. Maybe it's nostalgia, but I really love how different it looks! It has to be said that F1 has done much, much worse in terms of nose design since then...

It was also a real joy to make out of (virtual) Lego bricks. I'll release instructions soon!

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