The winner of the 250 Tribecoin competition

Sorry for the wait, but it will be worth it for one of you

11w ago

The task of finding the future-coming smallest and cheapest model yet in Tesla's lineup brought many interesting answers and propositions to the question. Some shared... mixt feelings about the brand, others showed Elon Musk-type creativity, and all in all, we have a winner. Before I get to the reveal, however, a quick message to Jimy Ratcliffe who mentioned the option of the Model 2 name sitting in front of every other letter and number in the current range to create "2 SEXY". That is a good idea and a name I feel Musk could go by. However, it has been confirmed the car won't actually be called Model 2 so unfortunately, this option is out. On top of that, I have eliminated the comments who suggested ideas for an entire lineup, such as B, E, A, S, and T in order to create " Sexy Beast" such as Ferdi . originally proposed, quickly followed behind by a certain John Coleman.

So who won then?

Although Jimy Ractliffe can't be the lucky winner of this competition, it's hard to argue he was on to something. But then, I found another comment on a similar line, which made me think. If the new car is going to be smaller, it could get named "2S" for "2Small", and therefore emphasis the idea of how compact and cheap it will be. I had a lot of answers to chose from but to me, the most deserving one was this very one found by D-Vynne 🇬🇧. Congratulations mate! To my eyes, you well deserve the promised 250 Tribecoins which will magically land on your profile later today.

I hope you all agree on this victory but let me know if you can think of someone else who should have earned the prize. Thank you to all those who participated in the competition and thank you for reading.

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