The Winners!

After the audit phase, we now have the winners of the Forza Awards | The People's Choice | 2017 Edition!

2y ago


Hello dear inhabitants of Forza World. After the audit phase, we now have the final result from the ballots. Before presenting the listing with the winners, some explanation are due.

This was not an election of the "best" in each category, but rather an election of the "favorites". Voters are admirers of the work, the skills and the performance of the nominees. The result represents the preferences among a large number of people who make themselves present in social networks. The names of the winners who are shown here were submitted to this event by an universe of, at least, 200,000 potential voters. Only part of this universe has indeed voted – that part which really has an admiration for the nominees and which has so demonstrated by spending some time to fill out the voting form. However, many people in these social networks just suggested names, or questioned nominations, but did not do their part: to nominate or vote for someone.

And, after all, what does make someone to be admired in the Forza World? Work, skills and talent are indispensable ingredients, but there are all sorts of more subjective elements like sympathy, politics, social engagement, etc. The set of these items is what generates admiration in people and makes a winner.

But let's uncover the name of the winners by category!

CATEGORY: Gamertag (Real Name)

DRIVER: Don Joewon Song (Joe Leech)

PHOTOGRAPHER: FRT Geovani (Geovani Alves)

DESIGNER: ll TonAd ll (Wellington Claro)

TUNER: Don Joewon Song (Joe Leech)

CONTENT CREATOR: Don Joewon Song (Joe Leech)


In a relatively sexist world like eMotorsport, the nomination of two girls was a welcome surprise: The Reaver LOK (Nina Parreiras) and Anna Lethicia (Anna Lethícia Dobginski). Both are Top 5. Congratulations girls!

StereOnline (Fernando Domingues) was not nominated spontaneously by the public, but by the editors. He came up as the second most voted.

RBM Artistic (Ian Casadei) changed his gamertag during the voting for FTR Artistic.

LL TonAd LL (Wellington Claro), initially unknown to the editors, has won in a category full of "sacred monsters" - Designer. This fact shows how much this Forza World is large, much larger than we suppose and it is populated by great talents that are often ignored to many.

Don Joewon Song (Joe Leech) is a kind of "sacred cow", winning in three different categories – Driver, Tuner and Content Creator. We will surely be hearing a lot about him in the years to come.

This was the first edition of The Forza Awards. We look forward to a growing engagement, so that it becomes a representative event of the vibrant Forza Community.

Thank you to everyone who nominated and to all who voted.

Congratulations to all the nominees.

To the winners, our lasting admiration.

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  • Being remembered by friends is priceless! everything I do is thinking of you, I'm very happy !!! Congratulations to all of you!!!

      2 years ago
  • Obrigada pelo carinho de todos! ♥️

      2 years ago
  • Congrats Guys.

      2 years ago