The Wishlist - 10 Cars I Still Have to Drive

We all have that wish-list of cars we're desperate to drive. After having driven over 300 different cars, here are the cars that are still on mine.

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While we all express our different passions for four-wheeled (and sometimes two or three-wheeled) machinery differently and all have our own favorite styles, the one thing we all can agree on is getting out on the road and driving. Sure, we may disagree about which road is the best or which car we’d want to drive on those roads, but we all have that handful of cars that we still dream about driving. Now I’ve been lucky enough to have driven a LOT of cars in the handful of years I’ve been driving, but I gave it a thought a few nights ago and I came up with this list of the 10 cars I most want to have a drive in. For the purposes of the list I’m ignoring the obvious and boring clichés (Bugattis, Paganis, 250 GTO, etc.) because we all want to drive those – every car I’ve chosen has been picked for a reason other than its price tag or badge, and in ranking them I’ve considered both how badly I want to drive them and how unlikely it is that I ever will. Now that’s sorted, let’s have a little chat about some dream drives of mine.

Photo from WikiMedia Commons

Photo from WikiMedia Commons

10. Mazda RX-7 FD

This is a pretty obvious choice for the Fast and Furious and Need for Speed era car people. There are some pretty wild creations that people have come up with in modifying the FD but given my choice I’d love to drive one that’s as close to stock as possible. Of course, the crazily modified cars I grew up watching in those movies and driving in those games appeal to me, but a major part of the appeal to me would just be getting the chance to try out a rotary engined car for the first time and finding out what that’s like.

Photo from WikiMedia Commons by Charles01

Photo from WikiMedia Commons by Charles01

9. Toyota Supra Mk IV

For the information of the small handful of non-car people that may read this, the Mk IV Supra is considered a legend in our community after a starring role in The Fast and the Furious, several major racing game franchises, and becoming known as one of the most modifiable cars ever built. I’m not much of a JDM fan, but the Mk IV Supra and the FD RX-7 mentioned above are icons from my childhood, and modified or unmodified, they both earned their spot on my dream drive list.

8. Jaguar E-Type

As is the unwritten rule when speaking of the E-Type, the first thing I am compelled to mention is that Enzo Ferrari himself called it the most beautiful car ever made. While my personal pick for that title is further down this list, I have yet to meet a single person that doesn’t put the E-Type in at least the top five in their personal picks. Today, the E-Type is considered by many to be the quintessential British sports car and one of the greatest sports cars ever built.

7. Porsche Carrera GT

To those that know me, this car will come as a bit of a surprise as I’ve never had much love for it nor for many Porsches at all. However, people that have driven it all rave about how it’s the last analog supercar and an incredible thing to drive and so on and so forth. I’ve always maintained those people were just Porsche fanboys, but with so many reviewers that I respect and aspire to emulate saying those same things, I can’t help but wonder if I’m the one that’s being a bit obtuse - only one way to find out though.

6. Aston Martin DB5

Do I even have to explain this one? Sean Connery, Roger Moore, Pierce Brosnan, and Daniel Craig have all graced the silver screen in their tailored dinner jackets while driving one of these classic Astons. Even without the connection, though, the DB5’s styling and straight six are enough to leave one shaken and stirred. Plus, like many guys out there, the Bond movies were something I shared with my father growing up and any time I’m in an Aston it brings some of those memories.

5. Lamborghini Diablo

The Diablo was the big Lambo of my early days. I remember when I was in elementary (primary) school, the school library had a little collection of books that told the stories of a few storied brands – Lamborghini of course being one of them. I still remember the cover of the book was grey with an early Diablo (black with no wing) on the cover.

Photo from WikiMedia Commons

Photo from WikiMedia Commons

4. Maybach 57S

While 200 mph supercars are always a blast to drive, I also have always had a strange fascination with luxury barges. To me, the feeling of driving something that huge and imposing and that has that much road presence is totally addictive. While it may not be as loud about its status as the Rolls Phantom, the 57S definitely catches everyone’s eye when it glides past, wafting its passengers along in comfort and luxury I’ve only heard tell of.

3. Spyker C8

The Spyker is, in my opinion, the ultimate “car nerd” supercar. Plenty of Ferraris, Astons, Lamborghinis, and Bentleys are owned by people who only bought them to prove they could afford them, but I doubt there’s a single Spyker out there that isn’t owned by someone who knows exactly what it is and what makes it special. While it may not have been on my wall as a kid, it’s one of those cars that just seems like driving would feel like an incredible occasion every time you got behind the wheel.

2. Tucker Torpedo

Some people say Tucker was a conman who got what he had coming, others say he was a victim of Detroit’s Big Three. Whichever version of the story you believe, the 51 Torpedoes his company built were incredible machines. They were decades ahead in terms of safety and efficiency – the story goes that the only reason they didn’t come with seat belts is that the marketing team said it would make the car seem unsafe if they did. Today, they’re considered one of the ultimate American collector cars. I remember when I volunteered at a local car museum in high school, there was a Tucker there on loan from the Petersen and I spent almost every free minute drooling over it, wondering what it’d be like to drive.

1. Lamborghini Miura

This is the big one for me, my “Eleanor” or my unicorn – the one car that got away. The first movie I remember watching was the original Italian Job – I’d watch it constantly. For those unfamiliar, the film opens with a Miura tearing up the St. Bernard Pass while Matt Monro croons in the background. That scene sparked my love for Lamborghini way back then and I’ve been waiting for my chance to drive one since. Hell, I even keep the song Matt Monro sang saved on my phone at all times just in case. I came close once in high school when I met a local collector that offered to let me drive his, but ended up selling the car before I got the chance.

There you have it – the 10 cars this gear-head most wants to get behind the wheel of. Do any of these cars make it on to your list? Let me know below if they do – and if they don’t let me know which cars do!

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Comments (11)

  • What's your 10 car driving wishlist? @tribe

      6 months ago
    • Any Corvette, preferably the C6, Jaguar MkII, Citroen DS, Mercedes 230 SL Pagoda, Fiat 850 Coupé, Alfa 4C, Alpine A110 (the new one), any old American land yacht, just to see how it feels 😊

        6 months ago
  • Will take any of these thanks John plus a gulf wing Merc

      6 months ago
  • Bugatti Type 57SC Atalante

    Porsche 356

    Jaguar E Type series 1 4.2

    Lancia Flaminia Supersport Zagato

    Lamborghini Islero GTS

    1972 Aston Martin Vantage six cylinder (I have a specific reason for that which I will discuss in a post of my own)

    A pre 1974 US muscle/ pony car not fussed which really but maybe a 73 Firebird 455SD

    Ferrari ‘288’ GTO

    McLaren F1

    Alpine A110

      6 months ago
  • lotus esprit s2 turbo - i was driving in LA traffic when one carved its way thru a 10 mph queue of slow moving traffic, it was doing around 40mph... when it works it’s stunning?

      6 months ago
  • I'd definitely take a drive in the diablo!

      6 months ago