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Do you have any idea about why a lot of cars share the same platform ?

2y ago

One of the question that makes all people especially car fans confused is that why there is a lot of cars that share the same chassis although they have different brand like what we have in Citroën berlingo and Peugeot Partner as they share the same the same specfication , the same body and the same engine but not the same logo. And we have also the same thing with the Škoda octavia and Volkswagen Jetta that they also have the same concept and the same pieces. Well, all this query are figured out by one answer ; the fact that a lot of car makers establish groups and unions between them for several reasons that can be stated as following :

- Saving car brands from bankruptcy :

Like what happened with Chrysler that was in the edge of getting bit in the dust , but thanks to fiat everything has set up into the order.

- Saving money by building different cars with same pieces and architecture :

The most striking example is Volkswagen that makes several cars with the same structure, the thing that makes the manufacturing cost decreases .

- Selling cars under different badges:

To understand this, let's take the concrete example of Opel and Vauxhall that selle the same cars around the earth but with different logos to make the sell operation more easy in countrie that it dwellers knows one brand .

Here is a list that compiles all the car groups all over the world :

-🔴BMW Group: BMW - Mini Cooper - Rolls Royce .

- 🔴Porsche SE : Porsche - Škoda -VW- Audi- Seat- Lamborghini - Buggati .

- 🔴Daimlers : Mercedes Benz - Smart - Maybach - MB AMG .

- 🔴FCA ( Fiat Chrysler Automobiles ): Fiat -Chrysler - Alfa Romeo - Abarth - Jeep - Dodge - Lancia - Maserati .

- 🔴Renault Nissan Mitsubishi : Renault - Dacia- Samsung Motors - Alpine - Infiniti - Nissan - Datsun - Mitsubishi  .

- 🔴PSA ( Peugeot Société Anonyme ) : Peugeot - Citroën - DS - Vauxhall - Opel .

- 🔴Toyota Group: Toyota- Daihatsu - Lexus .

-🔴 GM ( General Motors ): Chevrolet- Cadillac .

- 🔴TATA : Land Rover - Jaguar .

-🔴 Hyundai Motors : Hyundai - Kia - Genesis

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