The World Cup meets F1 in these awesome crossover liveries

35w ago


Unless you have been living in a wi-fi-less cave, you will doubtless know that the World Cup kicks off in Russia today.

And even if you're not remotely bothered about the football extravaganza going on over the next month, you might be interested in these brilliant F1 liveries that designer Tim Holmes has created using the national colours of each of the teams competing in the competition.

We gave you a sneak peek with the first half of these a few weeks ago, but Tim has now completed all 32.

Which one is your favourite?

1. Argentina

Nothing Messi about this effort

2. Australia

Get Daniel Ricciardo and Mark Webber in as drivers, obviously

3. Belgium

Sweeter than the finest Belgian chocolate

4. Brazil

Brazil: Brilliant at football AND F1

5. Colombia

Colombia's effort looking good in The Tricolors

6. Costa Rica

Finger lickin' good

7. Croatia

Luka Modric would be a pass-master in this

8. Denmark

If Carlsberg did F1 car liveries...

9. Egypt

Hopefully Salah will be fit to drive

10. England

"One lion on the engine cover"

11. France

Prost? Is that you?

12. Germany

Imagine how well Muller would corner in this...

13. Iceland

A giant thunderclap for this one

14. Iran

Team Melli ready to give it some welly

15. Japan

Look at that Samurai blue

16. Mexico

Mex power

17. Morocco

The Atlas Lions would roar like a V12 at full chat in this

18. Nigeria

The hipsters' favourite

19. Panama

All red for the Canal Men

20. Peru

Vamos Los Incas!

21. Poland

These guys would surely be on Pole...

22. Portugal

Ronaldo would doubtless demand No 1 status in this team

23. Russia

Imagine Sergey Sirotkin 'Putin' this beauty on pole

24. Saudi Arabia

The Green Falcons would soar in this beauty

25. Senegal

A classy effort for the Lions of Teranga

26. Serbia

Wonder if this comes with an auto-Matic gearbox?

27. South Korea

On me 'ead, Son!

28. Spain

Maybe Fernando Alonso could finally win that third title in this

29. Sweden

Maybe Marcus Ericsson could score a point in this

30. Switzerland

No reliability issues here - this would run like clockwork

31. Tunisia

Their nickname is 'the Eagles of Carthage', which isn't a pun, but is pretty cool

32. Uruguay

A juicy design here for Luis Suarez to get his teeth into

For more designs from Tim, follow him on Twitter here, and visit his website here.

It's not the first time he has used his talents to produce stunning national liveries - last year he created car designs for each of the Grand Prix venues F1 currently visits, and the results were incredible:


And we've also had a few other F1/football cross-overs on DriveTribe.

Designer Sean Bull created these football kits based on F1 team liveries last year:


That proved so popular, Sean created a whole new set based on the 2017 liveries:


And finally, Sean then flipped the idea, and gave every Premier League team an F1 car:



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