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The World's Coolest Van

No. This is not just a van with a Mercedes badge and a bordering tacky front grill. This is the future of delivery vans ladies and gents and its called the Vision Van. In late 2016 Mercedes teamed up with a tech startup called Matternet to create the most intelligent delivery system ever. The system uses drones to drop packages off and the van itself acts as a miniature mobile airport. Let me explain.

Pigeons beware.

The concept design is very advanced. In essence, the roof of the van serves as a landing and takeoff platform for the drones, produced by Matternet, and they fly around and deliver packages up to 12 miles away from the Van, they can also deliver anything up to the weight of 2.2 pounds. It is also rumored that the drones will have the ability to change their batteries and collect new packages without human intervention. What is this witchcraft?

That's the most vogue trailer I have ever seen!

The van itself is thought to be fully electric, but no power or speed figures have been released. The project is still in progress but would be a huge leap in the delivery sector. It would also benefits customers hugely as people living in dense congested cities would be able to receive packages much more quickly as there is no need for the driver to work his way through the clogged up streets before arriving at yours door. Come on Mercedes, give it to us!

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