The World's Fastest Production Bike - PGM F1

1y ago


No, we'd never heard of this bike either. The title of 'world's fastest production bike' is a hotly contested one that's changed hands a few times recently. Kawasaki's H2R pushes the PGM hard, although can't claim to be road legal.

The Aussie PGM F1 is the real deal as far as technical specs go.

It uses a naturally aspirated 90 degree V8 with a two litre capacity.

There are forty valves in total (five per cylinder) and a peak figure of 334 bhp at a screaming 12,800 rpm. There's also a massive 214nM of torque at 9,500 rpm.

It's also of reasonable weight considering that enormous engine - 242kg.

The sound of this thing is really unique and there's no V8 that revs this high short of a modern F1 engine - have a listen

Chassis components are also top level. Ohlins FGRT301 forks and TTX shock, proper nickel plates Brembo calipers and a titanium Akrapovic system built specially for PGM.

Obviously this level of quality and engine R&D doesn't come cheap - it's $180,000