The World's Fastest Quadriplegic | The Amazing Story of Callum Loveridge

"One of the most inspirational people you could ever wish to meet"

2y ago
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Please help us get as many people as possible to watch this incredible young mans story

Callum Loveridge was a talented Motocross and BMX rider, a real adrenaline junkie. In 2010 Callum's life changed forever. A fall from his BMX saw him break three bones in his spine and paralyzed him from the shoulders down. After years of hard rehabilitation Callum's unstoppable drive, determination and passion for racing led him to to the track once again. This is the story of how this incredible young man made it back to where he belongs; the start line. What an achievement by a truly amazing individual. Callum has to undergo extensive Physio and other forms of therapy to help keep him strong enough to race and there is always hope that research may one day help him to walk again. I've made a lot of films during my time on YouTube, but none have touched me like this one.

Callum Loveridge is probably the most inspirational human being I have ever met. We are the same age and we raced bikes together as kids. Cal was dealt the worse possible hand at only 15 years old, but still strives to live life to the full. I hope I've done him and his story justice with this documentary and I truly hope it inspires people around the world who are having a tough time in their life. If you could take an hour out of your day to sit down and watch the story of Cal Loveridge and possibly share it with people that may benefit from it's message I would be truly appreciative - Max Hind (Toofast Media).

The premiere of the documentary takes places at 7 PM on Wednesday 7th November on the 999lazer channel on Youtube. You will be able to chat online with Callum, Max and all the other people watching throughout the premiere and we would really love it if as many people as possible could join us. The link to the premiere is below. Sub to the Youtube channel 999lazer and you will get an invite.

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