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The World's Largest Drive-In Fast Food Restaurant On A Saturday Night

The Varsity in Atlanta, Georgia is a hotspot for local car culture

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It is not uncommon for a horde of donks to invade The Varsity in Atlanta on weekend nights. Though with less regularity than bikers take over the gas station across the street, the world’s largest drive-in restaurant has a long history of car shows in its parking lots.

The Varsity is the sort of place you drive your car but somehow I always feel somewhat unsatisfied with the amount of food I receive as they aren’t very gluten-free friendly.

These two particular Chevy Caprices are exactly what most people think of when they hear the word “donk” but truthfully it is rare to see ones this well executed. Blasting rap music with an accompaniment of V8 burbles, these were an impressive sight to behold together. But they do reinforce my idea that there is not a single donk that wouldn’t be better as a lowrider.

There is something so gloriously wrong about this donked Lincoln Continental that I just love. In my opinion every Continental should always be black with a few exceptions for a sort of ivory white but this absurd creation just wears orange so well.

The two headlights were set to blink right-left-right which I ordinarily wouldn’t mind but the Xenon lights might have been my least favorite detail of the build. The color matched wheels were honestly less garish than they appear.

I presume there is a reason why old Caprices are so popular for donking but I don’t know. Maybe they have abnormally large wheel tubs? This one was actually nicely restored besides the wheels

This Chevy Impala was seriously clean other than the wheels. I don’t think the car was chopped up to fit those wheels so it may just get put back to factory spec one day. I love the off white ivory color with the red stripe. A real classic look

A less classic look is this older modified Challenger. 10K Smash? What’s that supposed to mean?

Alone away from the show was this beautifully preserved Chevy El Camino. Not my favorite iteration of the car but it was shockingly factory fresh in every regard.

It’s so rare to see an El Camino that doesn’t exude trailer trash vibes (no offense) but miraculously this example avoided that stigma in my mind.

Another great car was hiding from the hubbub on the other side of the restaurant, this time in the form of a Chevy Monza coupe! Most of GM's economy coupe for the late 70s have long since faced the crusher but somehow this tasteful restomod remains. The wheels were nice but perhaps a little oversized.

I managed to take some photos from earlier in the day of the donks arriving, including appearances from some cars that my phone didn't want to focus on in the dark.

Here is an old Pontiac Grand Ville (?) resplendent in bright orange metallic paint cruising down North Avenue. I am by no means a fan of donks but minus the wheels this one is very well done.

GM barges from the 60s and the default choice for donks but they are by no means boring. Still, those wheels, I just couldn't justify doing that to such a beautiful car.

And I send this post off into the sunset with this Oldsmobile Ninety Eight pillarless hardtop turning into The Varsity. I really liked the patina and properly proportioned wheels on this one. Avocado Green is perfect for it.

So, which of these cars would you drive home? I would probably take that Impala and sell the wheels for some less garish ones.


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