The world's most desired Cars

Do you have any idea about the most desired brand? Check this.

2y ago

You want to know which car brand is the most appreciated in the whole world ? You have this question stuck in your mind all the time ?

Well, this is not a big deal because Veygo, a well-known insurance company, has made a research based on Google Analiytics in which you can find the most car brands name googled all over the world (171 country).

As it is shown in the map, Toyota is taking the first rank by a figure of 57 out of 171 making it the most desired brand in the year of 2018, and this success doesn't come from nothing as Toyota has made a big leap in the last past years especially in the EV Industry.

The second place goes for the luxurious BMW reaching the number of 25 country like Japan , followed by Mercedes-Benz that take 23 country in which we find Germany the native home of Mercedes-Benz.

This last takes also the care of Moroccans and Algerian regardless that most of people living in these countries are poor which shows a little bit of contradiction.

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Comments (3)

  • Chinese can't open google.......

      2 years ago
  • I bet Jaguar only appears in Guatemala because people are looking up the animal.

      2 years ago
  • card is wrong

    everyone desires a Ferrari

      2 years ago