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Australians Max and Julie have driven their 1923 Vauxhall all over the world. Here they are on the infamous road to Gelephu in Bhutan.

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  • Brilliant, an old car doing what is was designed for, being driven, not sat under a blanket. So do you still want a modern car with all its ecu's. All I can say is keep on driving it

    1 year ago
    • The problem with those modern cars and their ecu's is when they go wrong in the back and beyond the chances of repair are slim to none. These old beasts keep going for a reason and are...

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      1 year ago
    • Yes a few spanners screwdrivers, duck tape bailer twine used to be a get you home tool kit. The world of motoring is getting so advanced that in a strange way its going backward.

      1 year ago
  • Thanks Joe. The Vauxhall belongs to Max and Julie, who I met when I was filming the rally in Bhutan. They are a fantastic couple who really embrace different cultures, Julie always looked the part, wearing beautiful sari's in India and the traditional kira when we were in Bhutan. When the rest of us crossed the finish line in Guwahati they continued on through Myanmar and Thailand where they shipped their car from Bangkok home to Australia. This was November last year, since then they have competed on the Peking - Paris where Penny the Vauxhall won the vintageant class! You can read all about it on Julie's blog: I'm hoping to see them on the road again soon as next year I'll be filming vintage rallies in Japan, Paris to Prague and also through Italy including Corsica, Sardinia and Elba. for details and you can see videos of the past events on my youtube channel

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