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The World's Proudest Vehicle Owner Drives An Old Toyota

You don't need an exotic or rare car to be proud of it!

11w ago

I think we could all learn a lot about appreciating what we have from the driver of this 2010 Toyota Matrix. How do I know the year? It says it right there on the roof, you know, where you look on all cars to find out such information. And if you don't know where the roof is, the driver has helpfully labeled it as the 'TOP VIEW.'

The Toyota Matrix is a relatively obscure vehicle in the United States, having never gained the name recognition of the Corolla that it shares a platform with. Despite running for two generations, no one knows what they are, which was probably the impetus for one owner to plaster the car's model name all over the side of their vehicle.

I really love this 'full send' approach to creating a custom livery to proclaim exactly what car this is to the world. The brilliant golden paint is already a sight to behold but most people would have stopped customizing long before getting to the off-center stripe. Perhaps there is more chrome stick on stuff than I would have gone for, but you have to admire the commitment.

It just keeps getting better the longer you look at it. There's so many carefully crafted details seldom found on obscure automatic hatchbacks. The Matrix is a pretty slow car, so I'm not entirely convinced on the merits of the 'SPORTS' side stripe.

I'll bet there's not a better loved nor better utilized Toyota Matrix on the planet. Not that there were ever very many of these, but between the impeccable cleanliness of the car, the extensive customization, and useful looking bike rack, this Matrix is very much a product of the mind of its owner.

I think more people should fully embrace every aspect of their car like this. I'm sure many people have told the driver of this Matrix "you coulda had a V8!" or "your car is ugly small, and slow," but I doubt they mind. You've got to have a sense of humor about things if you drive something this absurd and clearly relish it.

What do you think? Is this just a fun joke by someone who doesn't take life too seriously? Or is it someone who can't bear the thought of someone thinking they drive a boring plebian car? I'm inclined to believe the former.

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Comments (18)

  • I think somebody works for a sign shop, and has free access to the vinyl plotter...

      2 months ago
    • Used to, as they work at Whole Foods now based on where I always see the car. If they didn't, all those graphics might have gotten mighty expensive.

        2 months ago
  • The Matrix was a good car (Corolla hatch) and we enjoyed ours for the two years we had it, but I clearly didn’t appreciate it as much as this guy. All the power to him though!

      2 months ago
    • Maybe you could have created a Matrix 'SPORKS' edition as a counter to this 'SPORTS' edition (or 'SPORT' edition depending on what text you're reading).

        2 months ago
  • As someone who would like to see the world adopt a Thor Ragnarok color scheme, I support this 100%

      2 months ago
    • Who doesn't? I can get behind a world as interestingly colored as this vehicle.

        2 months ago

      2 months ago
  • I once saw a lowered Tercel with giant graphics on the side that said “Boss” because that’s what bosses drive.

      2 months ago