The Worlds Rarest... Proton.

You heard right, here is probably the UK's, maybe the worlds rarest and probably most valuable Proton & it's better than you think!

1y ago

30 years ago, Proton, Malaysia's biggest motor manufacturer, was making massive strides into the UK motor industry. Quickly it became the fastest ever growing motor manufacturer to enter the British market.

Sadly, for Proton though, they have become synonymous with being the 'cheap, and unexciting' car brand here in the UK, and after dwindling sales of cars like the Proton Savvy in the early 2000's, the have now left the British market along with other brands like Daewoo and Perodua.

Strangely though, the earlier Protons are making somewhat of a popular comeback with retro and classic car enthusiasts as the original 80s models are appearing more and more in car shows on the television and the internet.

Car Throttle's Alex Kirsten bought a Proton back in 2016 for £200, which he then took off-roading down some green lanes. This just proves how you don't need to spend hundreds, even, thousands of pounds to have a bit of fun in a car.

Thing is though, many will consider the Proton to be 'just another car'. But, as they get a rarer sight on our roads, car enthusiasts are starting to buy these old cars, making them almost desirable.

Steph Holloway from the YouTube channel 'idriveaclassic' went to meet car & Proton enthusiast, John, who has saved not one, but two Proton Saga's. Both of which, are limited editions, and the last ones left in the UK. Could this mean that John owns two of the rarest cars in the UK? Not only that, does he also own two of the most expensive Protons in the world!? Maybe.

Either way, these boxy saloons have kept their gleam from the 80's and still look as good today as they did then. The design has aged better, the more time has moved on and these motors may get more looks at a car show than other cars that exceed these in terms of luxury and price thanks to their rarity.

Personally, I wouldn't mind an old 80's or 90's Proton in my car collection. Even if it's just for the laughs. They get the looks and are generally reliable thanks to their Mitsubishi underpinnings. It's just a shame that there aren't that many left for people to enjoy. I really mean it. As much as classic Ferrari's, Jaguars, Fords or even Rover's are very nice. It is enjoyable to see something that was 'common' or un-loved at a car show.

These Protons are almost the ugly duckling of the car world. They've got street credibility in the sense of how a Reliant 3-wheeler has street cred and for that reason, I like them.



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  • Have never seen one. We don’t have these in the US. Thanks for the education. 👍

      1 year ago