The Worlds Worst Car TV Show: Caffeine and Octane

Why does everything good need to have a show made after it?

4y ago

The first Sunday of the month marks a special event for the car lovers of Atlanta: the Caffeine and Octane car meet. If you're in the area and haven't gone, I highly recommend it. There are cars for everyone. Exotics, classics, muscles, tuners, off-roaders, and everything your mind could even imagine on the road. In fact it is the largest monthly car show in North America. It really is fantastic. There is even a Porsche lot! A whole lot just for all Porsches! Thats like car enthusiast heaven. I often see one of my favorite cars, The Gulf Porsche 918! The show was flawless. It WAS until recently.

One day the big thinkers at the Velocity channel had what they must have imagined was the idea of the century: "We don't we make this car meet a TV show?". What could go wrong? Well, a lot. A show once filled with happy enthusiasts was now completely changed by camera crews who dictated every part of the meet. Sections of the meet would be roped off so they crew and hosts could attempt to say their piece to the camera. Lets talk about the hosts. The first and main host is Bryan Fuller. Bryan Fuller?! The very successful screenwriter!? Nope. A host who can't help but overact to the point that the false enthusiasm becomes obnoxious. The next host is Rickey Gadson, an extremely outstanding dragbike racer. Gadson is even considered one of the best dragbike racers there has ever been. Just because you're a very talented driver doesn't mean you'll do well on camera. No wonder why the Stig never speaks. Gadson just isn't right as a host due to his inability to deliver lines confidently. Next is historian Skip Smith. He is an incredibly interesting man who could be considered the closest thing to a walking automotive encyclopedia. I've talked to him multiple times at the meet and always walk away knowing more than I had before. A wonderful addition to the meet. His only downfall is the TV show itself. It just isn't the proper medium to deliver his myriad of information. Finally, the last host is Youtuber David Patterson. I like David a lot. I've also spoken to him multiple times and enjoyed every conversation. He disproves the common phrase "don't meet your heroes" because he is one of the nicest and most down to earth people you'll ever meet. Once again it is the TV show's imperfections that sully Patterson's outstanding insight.

The show is so poor because it is trying to be something bigger. It is trying to replicate The Grand Tour or Top Gear by forcing comedy and a fake relationship between the hosts. Stop trying to copy other shows.

Velocity just can't provide the writers or the production value to even come within miles of the TV giants. Give us back our car meet. Hopefully, the shows recent move to NBCSN will remedy some of these problems.

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