The Worrying Future Of DTM

16w ago


With the recent end of an era with Mercedes announcing last season, the DTM (German touring car championship) has lost an icon for the motorsport series. From the legendary AMG 190 E to the current line of SLS cars used last season, it shows the amount of power the DTM championship has.

However, DTM is dying, and unlike NASCAR in the USA, it’s because of the cars.

The DTM is a pure petrol series. There are no electric turbos, no electric powertrains and any signs of its purpose being eco-friendly are unheard of. However times are changing, with the AMG’s brand removal of DTM from its motorsport section and joining Formula E, it shows this change.

Manufacturers no longer care about petrol vehicles, and want to focus on the electric side as more countries, like France and the UK, are pushing these cars to help stop rapid climate change. This could kill DTM, as most likely the fans would not appreciate the change, as well as there would no longer be a need for the series.

Formula E has already taken the mantle of being eco- friendly, and another series would not be needed for this, so what could prevent the death of an iconic touring championship?

Well, for a start make the cars more stock. Costs of competing in other series have massively increased, and if the DTM put together regulations as well as putting a cost cap. Small firms can no longer compete in Formula 1 but might be able to in DTM.

The DTM could also change the power terrain to make the cars more eco-friendly. This would not be appreciated by the fans of the series, however, manufacturers would like it as it would allow for putting the electric technologies in more realistic road cars, unlike the almost Sci-Fi Formula E cars.

Finally, it would be good for the series to increase the global audience, ensuring there was still demand for the series. From the creation of TV deals on free to air TV like Formula E and the increased use of social media, this would create a greater fanbase and ensure the series still remains profitable for the companies involved

No matter what you stand on the issue of the worrying future of DTM, nearly all fans can agree that it needs to change in order to survive, however, the type of change can only be decided by the owners of the successful touring championship.

- Jake Willetts