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Mercedes, know globally for their Sports cars, Luxury cars, Hearses, and best of all, excellent German build quality. Their cars are some of the best in the world, and are highly regarded globally.

But I don’t know what Mercedes were thinking when they launched the first Generation A-Class.

The A-Class was first launched in 1997 at the Geneva motor show, it was Mercedes first venture into compact cars, it was supposed to be as practical as a family car and smaller than the average small car at the time, and Mercedes had high hopes for the car, however those hopes didn’t exactly go to plan.

It was absolutely hideous, there was no style to it at all. The A-Class just gave all its competitors a head start. Ford had the Focus and Fiesta, VW had the Golf and the Polo, Skoda had the Fabia, etc etc.

The car also earned a bad reputation when the car flipped over during a traditional “Elk Test” done by Swedish car journalists Teknikens Varld. Mercedes then had to spend a further £300 million to recall all 2,600 cars sold, suspend sales for six months and fix the issue by adding electronic stability control.

The A-class was facelifted in 2001, by making minor bumper and headlight alterations as well as a “long wheel base” version. Well when I say “long wheel base” they extended the car by 170mm (6.7 inches). Pathetic.

Accurate representation of the Mercedes A-Class

I have always hated the A-class. It was a Rock on wheels, Mercedes are all about being Sporty whilst having a lot of luxury, class and sophistication. There is nothing Sporty, luxury or good in anyway with the A-Class. I hate the stupid design. I hate the fact that it was absolutely gutless and could slow down a funeral, I hate the door handles, I hate the tiny boot, I hate the idiotic wheel design, and I hate the fact that the interior looks more like a prison than Alcatraz.

I can’t begin to explain how much I loathe its existence. It is an awful car. I hate literally everything about it, and quite frankly in disgraced that a Mercedes was even put on it. Or the Mercedes price tag.

Thank God Mercedes fully revamped the A-Class in 2013 to make it good.