The Yugo from Hell - 220Hp/725Kg Widebodied Pocket Rocket from Croatia

Dejan Kopajtic´s 9.000Rpm 1.6L swapped little Monster is certainly among our Favourite projects in all of European Hillclimb Racing

Dejan Kopajtic´s unique Zastava Yugo is even more evolved on 2018 and features even more extreme bodywork changes alongside the spectacular mechanical changes performed on it to become one of the fastest 1.6L machines in the Croatian Hillclimb Championship.


Powered by the 1.6L Naturally Aspirated engine taken from the FIAT Bravo, here with 220Hp/9.000Rpm, the diminutive hatchback benefits from its low weight of 725Kg to become a devastantingly quick Pocket Rocket. With all this power transferred to the front wheels through a 6 speed Sadev sequential Gearbox, beating Class records like it did on Buzet Hillclimb becomes certainly a possibility amd sometimes even the norm. Like you can watch on the video.

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  • finally a post about a yugo

      8 months ago