- The 2007 Diatto Ottovu by Zagato is a very handsome car thanks largely to Zagato.

The Zagato GT car that was forgotten.

The 2007 Diatto Ottovu by Zagato is a GT car coachbuilt by Zagato that has been forgotten about.

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When Zagato is asked to make a GT car, they make amazing ones. Most of them are Aston Martins, but there are some lesser known GT cars made by the coachbuilder. But there are some that are completely lost to time. The Diatto Ottovu is one of them.

Diatto was a auto manufacturer in the early 1900's, with its very first car made in 1905. The company had close ties to Zagato, Ettore Bugatti, the Maserati brothers, and Tazio Nuvolari. One of their best known cars was also made by Zagato. It is the 1921 Diatto 25 4DS.

The side of the Ottovu, showing the unique lines and styling of the car.

The side of the Ottovu, showing the unique lines and styling of the car.

Over the years the company dipped into obscurity. But out of nowhere, two Italian car collectors showed up to Zagato with a request. That was for a Diatto. The car would be displayed at the Geneva Motor Show in 2007.

The car would be powered by a 4.6 Liter V8, which is the name sake of the car, Otto=8 and Vu=V. This engine was sourced from Ford, and would produce between 530 - 650 HP. And would wiegh around 3170 pounds (1450 KG). It would be capable of only 186 MPH (229 KM/H).

Unfortunately, there is not much information as to what had happened to the car. There were plans to make 99 following the 2 made for the car collectors who had ordered the car. However it seems the car never made it that far. Diatto as well has seem to gone into the abyss sadly.

For a unique GT car made by arguably one of the best coachbuilders in the world. But, as with the 1997 Jimenez Novia Concept, it is a wonder as to what the car may have been.

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