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Then and now - Which Porsche do you favor?
  • Carrera GT (Then)
  • 918 Spyder (Now)
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Comments (9)

  • Carrera GT in black. My favorite car of all.

      18 days ago
  • OLD is GOLD

      18 days ago
  • The Carrera

      18 days ago
    • I’m fully with you. It would be so much more fun to drive. Manual transmission, 5.7 L V10, you can take the roof off, it’s gorgeous and just so unique

        18 days ago
    • Those are excellent points, but I chose it because it is from an era of cars that i like, and the 918 is from an era I don’t really like

        18 days ago
  • 918 for sure but I’d rather have a LaFerrari lol

      18 days ago
  • It’s hard because I love Porsche in general but I fancy evolution and heritage 😰

      18 days ago


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