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There are 5 things to consider while deciding on buying a new car

For many buying a new car is both an emotional and financially practical decision to make so here are some pointers to follow while making a decision

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Don't just look in a brochure and see how many safety features the car has, check the safety rating on the car. Cars usually with more min 4 stars are considered to be pretty safe in an average high-speed crash. Some manufacturers not always send their cars for the test, so, to make sure if the particular car you're looking for is safe or not and it doesn't have a crash test done, then look into brands history with safety on their previous cars and their attitude towards safety, this might help you evaluate or predict the safety of that particular model from that particular brand.

2.Driving Dynamics

It's very important to understand how a car handles and performs under extreme situation. And No, by handling I don't mean they should handle like an F1 car or a touring car, but they should be able to stay stable while it's been subjected to sudden steering inputs. Some cars like Hyundai Verna and Creta tend to lose front traction when subjected to a sudden direction change because you might not know when you'll have to change direction suddenly to avoid a crash or to avoid hitting someone at high speed. one way to find out if the car is dynamical potent is to test drive yourself and out of the car in some extreme driving situations but not always you can do that on someone else's car so the other way is to research a lot about them especially from very well reputed journalists, do not follow some random Car Vlogger on the youtube who claims Seltos is a better car than any or why Verna is better, these guys are heavily biased and lack the knowledge or skills to assess cars dynamic abilities, according to them Verna is Better handling car because it has a light steering wheel and a powerful engine while Hyundai verbal has come a long way since it was launched it still isn't the best in the dynamics department. So stay away from these wannabe journalists such as me to fog your decision, rather trust the reputed car magazines and their journalist.

3. Engine performance and Engine Type

Everyone likes a powerful car, and no one wants to think twice before overtaking a lorry on the highway, just a tap on the accelerator and clear the damn lorry in a second. Again you shouldn't decide whether the engine is powerful or not by just seeing some numbers on the brochure, as every engine has its unique power band some engines deliver their power at the bottom of its rev range which makes city driving and high geared cruising overtakes on highway easy as you don't have to downshift to get a move on usually these engines are either turbocharged units or diesel engines with turbochargers these types of engines are capable especially the diesel ones but the petrol turbo units are a complex one because the driver has to learn how to operate them and understand when the turbo spools up and provide the boost as there is some lag before the turbo provides the boost many associate them with lacklustre pick up because they stay in the higher gear and the revs don't climb up faster to spool the turbo to fix this many drivers stays in a lower gear and keep the engine on the boil but doing so will drop the efficiency of the engine and in return you'll get a pretty poor fuel consumption average this is an issue in the city driving condition and not much on the highway so you have to decide what are your needs from an engine before deciding what car to buy.and having a powerful does assist it in overall safety as a powerful would be able to get away from intricate situations without being able to downshift a lot while overtaking.

4.Ride Quality

It is important to understand how the car rides over different types of road, some people prefer a softer setup which smoothes the ride on the bad road is more comfortable but a softer suspension setup have some disadvantages of its own, as they're usually bad on high-speed corners and the high-speed stability is compromised as at highway speeds car doesn't stay stable and bounces around a lot old Hyundai's used to have these issues, they were comfortable in the city but out in the highway they were wobbly.

But some manufacturer set up cars with stiffer suspension which does help their handling capabilities and for the most part improves their high-speed stability. But sometimes not all stiffer cars are better, for example,e, KIA Seltos has a stiffer set-up which made it a better handling SUV and high-speed stability is very impressive but in the city, it's not a nice car to be in, it has lots of body motion on even the smallest of speed bumps and rides never seems to settle down.

Cars that offer the perfect balance between ride and Handling

*Honda City

*Hyundai Verna

*Skoda Octavia

*Skoda superb

*Almost all VW products

*Tata Altroz

*Tata Harrier

5.Do not give in to the lure of feature frenzy variants

It is very important to not get spiralled into features frenzy and but the variant that has the most features, many cars offer so many unnecessary features on their top variants to fatten their brochure and attract consumers, but one has to do their due diligence beforehand and decide what features are necessary you might use, instead of buying the most expensive and feature-rich variant and pay unnecessarily for something you might not end up using.

These are some things you need to consider before making a decision on a new car

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