There are barn finds, and then there's *this*... A formula-1 barn find!

      The condition of these cars has us in tears.

      3y ago


      Now and then we get wind of a barn find that raises the eyebrows, but this week these images popped up showing a barn find that truly had us gasping!

      Research suggests that these are historic F1 replicas potentially used for promotional purposes, and they were uncovered in a small village in France.

      With vehicles ranging from a number of manufacturers, including a 1995 Benetton as pictured in the title image.

      Other rumours suggest they are practice vehicles with low power engines, but we suspect the story of them being replicas is more likely.

      At any rate, seeing them in this condition is heart breaking. It would appear that some of them have even been smoke damaged.

      Running or not, replica or not, I still want one as the centre piece in my non-existent mansion's lounge room.

      If anyone has more information on these, we would love to hear about it!

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      • Just a thought if you look real close at the few engine compartments you can see there is NOTHING in them I think.

          2 years ago
      • wow, that really is heartbreaking... this is apicture of Michael Schumacher from the 1995 race of Magny-Cours.

          3 years ago


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